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a place where bricks are made and sold


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Estimates indicate that millions of people are working in the tens of thousands of brickfields scattered across the countryside of India.
Certainly when one walks through the brickfields the tattered expressions of familial poverty in India are evident.
He was interrogated by the above named policemen at the Brickfields police headquarters for one night.
She also announced that RM 50,000 would be given to the Brickfields Business Community Society (BBCS) to participate in the Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Festival to promote Little India.
St Helens Council has completed a Town in the Forest study that identified the importance of regenerating brownfield sites, such as Brickfields, in helping to secure environmental improvement.
The council is hoping Brickfields will enhance the image of St Helens and help to secure direct and indirect economic benefits for the area.
30 million would be spent for increasing efficiency of the existing brickfields and the rest for setting up new ones.
The otter, probably a male, has been spotted swimming in the lake at Brickfields Pond nature reserve in Rhyl.
Coventry, whose cup match with Nottingham was also cancelled because of the snow, have been given the difficult task of going to Brickfields to take on Plymouth Albion.
Police are nowhunting the person who shot the cob at the Brickfields Pond nature reserve in Rhyl.
Bees had stepped into a whole new world at Brickfields.
Denbighshire boasts two other Local Nature Reserves at Gronant Dunes and Brickfields Pond, Rhyl.
The campaign is being carried out during the summer months at Loggerheads country park and Brickfields pond in Rhyl, two popular but badly-fouled areas in Denbighshire.
Local artists Richard Jones and Sean Curley created a carp, cormorant, heron, kingfisher and damselfly alongside the Brickfields Pond.
THE best place to be at Romford is in front, and although Brickfield Dream was long odds-on to lead for most of the Essex Vase's 575 metres, there was no great expectancy that he would be at the head of affairs when reaching the finishing line.