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British sculptor (born in the United States) noted for busts and large controversial works (1880-1959)

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It is the only management contract signed by the final Beatles line-up (John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr) and their manager Brian Epstein.
Simon's Syco Entertainment will serve as a co-producer on Vivek J Tiwary's acclaimed graphic novel based on the life of Beatles' manager Brian Epstein.
Brian Epstein's record store); Brian Epstein and The Artists: John Winston Lennon, George Harrison, James Paul McCartney and Richard Starkey and secondly, between Harold Hargreaves Harrison and James McCartney, George and Paul's fathers, as their approval was necessary since both young men were under 21 years of age.
The Beatles signed their first contract with Brian Epstein in his office in this building, which will now be bulldozed Picture: JENNY ROBINSON
John was the guy who put mildmannered Cavern Club DJ Bob Wooller in hospital for daring to suggest that he, Lennon, might have indulged in a sexual liaison with Brian Epstein.
She tells me that the singer who was signed to Brian Epstein and even had a song written for him by Lennon and McCartney but failed to reach the top 30 with any of his six singles was Tommy Quickly.
The first management contract between The Beatles and their manager Brian Epstein is expected to fetch pounds 250,000 at auction.
This new examination of the history of the Beatles considers just how the Beatles and their manager Brian Epstein pioneered not just their music, but the modern music business itself.
Northern Songs was set up in 1963 by Beatles manager Brian Epstein, solely to publish the songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
A group of musicians and singers will be celebrating the life and works of 60s-music-guru Brian Epstein at South Shields Customs House next week.
In fact on the day the band appeared at the Assembly Hall the Beatles' manager Brian Epstein signed a contract with American label Vee Jay Records.
Forty years after being "creatively awakened" by the Beatles, Carlo Alessi remains inspired by the strategic and tactical brilliance of the late Brian Epstein, the Beatles' manager.
Sullivan said to (Beatles manager) Brian Epstein, 'He'd better be there, or I'm gonna put on a Beatles wig myself.
The pair met as Jude worked on his new role as Brian Epstein, manager of Cilla and The Beatles.
1967: Beatles manager Brian Epstein is found dead after taking an overdose of sleeping pills.