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a plant where beer is brewed by fermentation

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The beer, which is sold through the company's website, is so strong that Brewmeister have put a warning label on the bottle.
Lewis Shand and John McKenzie, of Banffshire's Brewmeister Brewery, broke the record with 65 per cent alcohol Armageddon last year.
Shand and his friend John McKenzie are the proud owners of Brewmeister Brewery and despite their relative youth - they are both 26 - the two have made beer history.
All week, tours will be given by Flying Dog's brewers, culminating with German-trained Brewmeister and CEO Eric Warner giving the brewery tour on Friday, May 18.
A SCOTTISH brewery called Brewmeister claim to have created the world's strongest lager - a 65 per cent alcohol drink called Armageddon.
More to my taste was Palm Springs's Brewmeister, a local pub which brews its own beer at just over pounds 2 a pint and serves up steak sandwiches for around a fiver
Warner is a classically-trained German brewmeister and one of few Americans to hold this credential.
Beer Careers: From Brewmeister, to Route Driver, Bartender and Waiter; thousands of people wake up every day to their Beer Career.
no shortcuts," reports German born Brewmeister, Fred Scheer.