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Place of execution: Municipality of haaren, Municipality of son & Breugel, Municipality of someren.
Along with van Breugel, he published a paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences characterizing "the unique adaptations of the Mono Lake fly and the mechanisms it utilizes to crawl underwater without getting wet.
Villagers' explanations resonated with work on the history of the Chewa that has emphasized the Nyau's place as the 'essential' Chewa institution (Kaspin 1993: 35); the spirits that manifest themselves in the Gule Wamkulu evoke the structure of Chewa society through the dance, including appropriate relations between men and women and young and old (Kaspin 1993; Boucher 2012: 6-12; van Breugel 2001: 125-52).
van Breugel, Simulation of Hydration and Formation of Structure in Hardening Cement-Based Materials, Delft University Press, 1997.
So in wind tunnel tests, van Breugel was not surprised to see mosquitoes fly out of perfectly good C[O.
His eclectic range of interests can be seen via the ASC blog "John's Bailiwick," where he's recently weighed in on Godard's "Goodbye to Language" and Pieter Breugel the Elder.
2015; Dvorak, 2003; Hall, Love, Garen, Slusser, Saltonstall, Mathias, van Breugel, Ibarra, Bork, Spaner, Wishnie y Ashton, 2011; Indira 2006).
However, a Brussels-based think tank, Breugel, specializing in economic affairs in its latest report said that Europe might not be able to fully replace the 130 billion cubic meters of natural gas it imported in 2013 from Russia at sufficiently low cost.
Based in Son en Breugel, the acquired firm makes ingredients from animal origin for applications in pharmaceuticals, food, feed, fertiliser and bio-energy.
The Union's "sense of ownership" towards the IFRS comes from a "minority" position within the IASB, said NicolasaVeron Breugel, a researcher at the think tank Bruegel.
In its report, Breugel recommended that the EU spend an extra 1 percent of GDP annual on higher education, and give universities more autonomy in budgets, hiring and faculty pay as a way of giving the additional spending "more bite.
He has cited vanitas paintings as a particular influence on his work, and Adrian Searle's comment that Fabre "calls up references to the nightmare visions of Bosch and Breugel, to Vanitas painters and the Netherlandish tradition" is a far cry from Victorian use of nature to transmit moral, religious, and social lessons.
Jones drives home this sense of loss and misadventure in his reference to Pieter Breugel the Elder's The Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind (1568): "the stumbling dark of the blind, that Breughel knew about" (31).