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a native or inhabitant of Brittany (especially one who speaks the Breton language)

a Celtic language of Brittany

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As a socialist who commenced his ethnographic studies of Breton costume in the 1920's, Creston was the most insistent in arguing against the notions of a "Breton race" or "national costume" and in favor of the idea of Breton costume being a class-specific peasant inheritance that was later generalized; Creston, Le Costume Breton, 16, 31.
Most miniature golf centers are built in high traffic areas around tourist destinations and, said Breton, rely on customers to impulsively pull in to play.
In contrast with their decline, the moose population in northern Cape Breton reached high densities while subject to the only open moose hunting season in the province, and is currently estimated as 5000 [+ or -] 1000 animals (Parks Canada, unpublished data) (Fig.
The Nova Scotia Business Journal reports that Irving Schwartz, Harold Schwartz, Jim Kehoe, Sean Burke, Jean Dugas and Allan MacPhee, along with a group known as Hilly Acres Farm, purchased the plant from the Cape Breton Growth Fund with a $2 million promissory note.
The agency is having a difficult time finding an appropriate placement for C in Cape Breton and Nova Scotia given his unique developmental needs, and behavioral difficulties.
com/Music/Charlies/ [accessed 21 February 2007]), but she is right that it is not the only distributor of Cape Breton recordings.
President & Vice-Chancellor, Cape Breton University.
Floyd McPhee, who moved to Cape Breton in 2001 after retiring from Parkwood, Ottawa.
This will allow me to establish a unique world-class laboratory, right here at Cape Breton University, to study important chemical interactions in the liquid phase," notes Keefe.
The duo have been playing and singing traditional Breton dance music since the 1980s and have been featured regularly at major Breton dance events known as Fest Noz for more than 10 years.
Wells, Albert Einstein, and Jose Ortega y Gasset, Varo became familiar with new ideas: the theories of Sigmund Freud, which broadened the boundaries of reality, the work of Andre Breton, which defined surrealism as a literary and artistic movement.
Earlier this month Mr Brammer, who keeps 200 birds, heard from a man called Roland Breton in Port Colborne, Ontario.
The innovative Breton based company is putting the oil-fired, 20 horsepower vertical steam boiler from Fulton Boiler Works to good use at its state-of-the-art 30,000 sq.