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an ancient Italian city in central Lombardy

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Italy is a unitary state based on mutual fiscal solidarity among regions," Bressa said.
We would like to thank Maria Jose Bressa for allowing us to use a Leica microscope for cytogenetic analyses, Diego Segura for performing the irradiation procedure, Petr Nguyen for his comments on the manuscript, and to the anonymous reviewers for their valuable remarks.
Bressa M, Papeschi A, Vitkova M, Kubickova S, Fukova I, Pigozzi M, Marec F.
Another meta-analysis of clinical studies up to 1992, this one presented by Bressa in 1994, indicates that SAMe has been shown to be effective in eleven controlled trials versus placebo (377 subjects) and in fourteen trials versus tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) (389 subjects) (26), (61).
Bressa GM, S-adenosylmethionine as anti-depressant: meta-analysis of clinical studies.
True bugs, the Heteroptera, have many cytogenetic characteristics that make them unique among most insect groups: the possession of chromosomes without a primary constriction, the centromere, namely holokinetic chromosomes; a pair of <<m chromosomes>> in 16 families, belonging to four infraorders; a different meiotic behaviour for autosomes and sex chromosomes; and a mean chiasma frequency of only one chiasma per bivalent (Ueshima, 1979; Nokkala, 1986; Papeschi & Bressa, 2006).