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a city in southwestern Poland on the Oder

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Before the Nazi seizure of power, Breslau was the most important German city east of Berlin: a thriving regional capital, industrial centre, university town, and home for over 600,000 people (including Germany's third-largest Jewish community).
Breslau reached that conclusion by analyzing data from a decade-long study of about 1,000 randomly selected people in southeast Michigan.
Speck's "Der Autor des angeblichen Boccherini-Briefes aus Breslau ist Abbe Bastiani" (pp.
2009), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD; Breslau & Anthony, 2007; Olff et al.
It's a hot topic of discussion that everyone is thinking about and looking at," said Craig Breslau, who heads the energy derivatives marketing desk at Societe Generale in Houston, which has been involved in some restructuring transactions.
Literally overnight, Breslau became the Polish Wroclaw.
Canada's Skyjack acquired compatriot Canadian telehandler manufacturer CareLift Equipment, based in Breslau, Ontario, in 2007.
The 100t Voith Schneider ferry Breslau, built in 1966 is used by the ferry crossing BrunsbE-ttel predominantly in 24-operation, where there is also her home port.
It is a weighty set of accomplished motets that also offers many insights into the music in Fritsch's town of Breslau (now Wroclaw, Poland).
Breslau and her associates prospectively studied 990 men and women aged 21-30 who were randomly selected from a Michigan HMO.
After being subject to racial abuse, his mother sent him to live with an aunt, unwisely as it turned out, at Breslau, now the Polish city of Wroclaw but then part of Germany.
Yet, at the same time, van Rahden corrects the common image of German Jews generally belonging to the haute bourgeoisie; Breslau hosted a significant underclass of native-born Jews.
We are stunned by the extent of the administration's slashed funding," for the tobacco control program, said Russet Morrow Breslau, of Tobacco Free Massachusetts.
Many Bauhaus 'innovations' had already occurred elsewhere, in one or other of the cities where culture developed in parallel in that recently united country: Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Darmstadt, Breslau.