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a submachine gun operated by gas pressure


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With jury-rigged sights, these drums were sometimes employed on armored vehicles with the Brens in tandem on swivel mounts.
The Bren sling was a lengthened version of the SMLE rifle's with 360[degrees] spring-hooks added to each end for attachment to the Mk 1, and a hook on the front end only for the Mk 2, Mk 3 and L4 series Brens.
92x57mm Brens have 20-round magazines that are interchangeable with the Czech ZBvz26/27/30/33 Series of LMGs upon which the Bren is based.
Most Mk 3 Brens were eventually converted to caliber 7.
Almost 190,000 Brens would be built in Canada by the Inglis Company, (CAPT.
Seventy-five years ago things were, arguably, little different as the Bren gun scandal of 1936 to 1939 clearly demonstrates.
The latter weapon was selected and designated the Bren.
The principal criticism of the Bren, and one surely rare in the annals of military history, was that it was too accurate.
However, anyone who applied for a Bren or an Enfield will all receive their weapon as fewer applications were received.
The ministry said there have been 1,216 applications for Enfield MK4 rifles at e1/4214 per gun from the available 4,550 while 905 Bren light machine guns were reserved out of the 2,750 on offer.
The Bren Gun, as it is usually called, with its distinctive curved box magazine on top, was priced at e1/4342.
You must completely understand how a Bren gun operates.
The Bren light machine gun was fielded by the British and Commonwealth forces from just before World War II until as late as the Persian Gulf War.
I have wanted a Bren for my collection of military arms for many years.
law and BATFE regulations forbid building a full-auto Bren gun.