Brenner Pass

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an Alpine mountain pass connecting Innsbruck in Austria with Bolzano in Italy that has long been a route for trade and for invasions

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Hall and Chappell's nemesis, Nazi major August Schiffer, whose area of responsibility coincides with the Americans' primary target, the Brenner Pass, employs ruthless and persistent means to capture both Italian partisans and any foreign operatives who might be assisting them.
The Brenner Pass through the Alps links which two countries?
He said: "On our recent holiday to Austria we went on a day trip to Vipitano in Italy and crossed the Brenner Pass.
The tour takes a scenic drive in the Tyrolean Alps and over the Brenner Pass plus a sightseeing tour of Rome.
As a major crossroads, the town offers a wide choice of side-trips into Bavaria, to Salzburg, or over the Brenner Pass to the Italian Tyrol, the Dolomite Mountains and even further to Verona or Venice.
I fell in love with Venice this winter, traveling by train from Munich through snow-covered alps and the new, incredibly long-and-dark tunnel through Brenner Pass, arriving in Northern Italy in about six hours.
It sails to Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos and Olympia, ending in Venice for the journey home, including a crossing of the Brenner Pass and one night each in Austria and Belgium.