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a person who breeds animals

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No breeder doubts how strong is the tendency to inheritance: like produces like is his fundamental belief: doubts have been thrown on this principle by theoretical writers alone.
He would never know how sure a breeder was his new bull--the son of that fine creature he had imported; two cows he had spotted as not paying their board could go on for months eating good alfalfa and bran before a new herdsman might become convinced of their unreadiness to turn the expensive feed into white gold; he had not written down the dates when the sows were to farrow, and they might have litters somewhere around the strawstack and crush half the little pigs.
On other points he's as level-headed as a breeder of shorthorns, which is what he happens to be.
He is a great breeder of sheep, and deals extensively in cat- tle.
He alone would suffice to carry Nietzsche's point against all those who are opposed to the other conditions, to the conditions which would have saved Rome, which have maintained the strength of the Jewish race, and which are strictly maintained by every breeder of animals throughout the world.
The life of her governess, as she calls her, who had run through, it seems, in a few years, all the eminent degrees of a gentlewoman, a whore, and a bawd; a midwife and a midwife-keeper, as they are called; a pawnbroker, a childtaker, a receiver of thieves, and of thieves' purchase, that is to say, of stolen goods; and in a word, herself a thief, a breeder up of thieves and the like, and yet at last a penitent.
THE European Breeders' Fund yesterday called on American breeders to continue to support the scheme, despite the end of its cross-registration agreement with the Breeders' Cup.
Yuhe anticipates adding another 100,000 sets of parent breeders to the farm by the end of the year.
Responsible breeders refuse to place a puppy in a home that is not in the best interest of the dog or owners.
But the bill, meant to combat the overpopulation of strays by requiring all dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered, has also drawn fire from breeders who would have to pay to register purebred pets.
While no one downplays the importance of reactor safety, many experts believe the real make-or-break issue for the commercial viability of breeders in the United States--and the basis for most public and industry opposition to breeders--will continue to be one of cost.
BREEDERS need prizes as much as owners need adequate prize-money, TBA chairman Kirsten Rausing stressed yesterday, as she responded to Friday's announcement that the Levy Board's contribution to the breeders' prize scheme will fall from pounds 1.
WELL-KNOWN breeder Bob McCreery, who has moved some of his mares to France in search of better premiums, has called for breeders' prizes in Britain to be weighted more in favour of Flat horses than jumpers.
REGARDING John Berry's low opinion of breeders' prizes, many jumps breeders are hobby breeders and lose money.