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German dramatist and poet who developed a style of epic theater (1898-1956)

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The two had met briefly in Germany in 1927; however, Georg Alexan, secretary for the Tribune fur freie Deutsche Literatur und Kunst in Amerika (The Platform for Free German Literature and Art in America), reintroduced Dessau to Brecht in 1942.
So my interest in Brecht was connected with my idea of a better theatre, and not just for his plays.
Focusing on the dynamics of cultural exchange, I situate Brecht and German literature in a broader global context, and approach his oeuvre from multiple angles to examine cross-cultural mixtures across national discourses that were once considered separate and discrete.
I will argue that the early modern theater in several important ways resembled what Brecht would later call the "epic" theater, but that we might more easily recognize that theaters contributions to a socially resonant dramatic praxis by looking beyond Shakespeare and the Globe to Thomas Heywood and the Red Bull.
NS: "Mother Courage and Her Children" by Brecht was the initiation point, if you want.
The position of Daoism in Brecht's work is a debatable subject among Brecht critics.
In a fascinating mise en abyme, the indelible hurdy-gurdy music of the Brecht and Kurt Weill composition "Mack the Knife" fills the movie hall.
Bertolt Brecht led the way for modern political satire and alternative comedy and the show features hilarious scenes from The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, which ridicules Adolf Hitler, and Man equals Man, which takes on the military might of the Army.
The cast is led by National Theatre actor Judith Paris, while Michael Adams plays Brecht.
I, Bertolt Brecht is billed as bringing together the "electricity, political edge and pure entertainment" of Brecht's plays, songs and poems in one powerful documentary drama.
Brecht is leaving Karachi after completion of his tenure.
Alienation and theatricality; Diderot after Brecht.
Brecht is leaving Karachi later this week after completion of his tenure.
La obra de este prestigioso filosofo e historiador del arte frances, constituye un acercamiento critico a los trabajos con imagenes de uno de los mas importantes e influyentes pensadores del siglo XX: el dramaturgo aleman Bertolt Brecht.
BROUGHT TO LIFE THE songs of Edith Piaf and Bertolt Brecht will feature in Portraits in Song, a show which is to be performed at Darlington Arts Centre by Elizabeth Mansfield.