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Synonyms for murmuring

a low continuous indistinct sound

a complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone

making a low continuous indistinct sound

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While playing yet another dress-up game with her sister a while back, granny-dressed Bethy suddenly started waving her hair around and narrating in a breathy voice, "Hello, hello, my name is Rainbow, and my clothes are made from tofu.
According to Vanna Bonta, a poet and space sexpert with a sweet, breathy voice, "Zero gravity could cause a slight decrease in the size of the erect penis because of the heart not working hard, or low blood pressure.
Vocal cord paralysis should be suspected in a patient with a breathy voice and poor vocal stamina.
I was on the longlist,' sighed Biel in the breathy voice that pumps so much sultry smoke to her songs, 'and very proud to be on there.
Jon Pareles of the New York Times concurred "Her breathy voice would waft into a billowing arrangement, then it would emerge, clearer, more tremulous .
Actress Choudhury (Mississippi Masala) is an ideal narrator: her accents are pitch-perfect, and her warm, slightly breathy voice conveys empathy and understanding of the characters.
h]t/ breathy voice brv /d b/ with breathy release brr /[t.
It features John Neville as the lisping, pullover-clad British director who hasn't made a movie in 15 years; Jennifer Tilly as the talentless American leading lady, all hormones and breathy voice, confiding, "I hate real life"; Kim Coates, luminescent eyes as blue as a Saskatchewan sky, as the egotistical American co-star playing a South American revolutionary; and Alan Thicke as the smarmy investment banker/executive producer who insists on American star power.
Once a lead singer for her own band, Blessed Soul, Murphy has also lent her distinctive breathy voice to the character of Luanne on ``King of the Hill'' and she's currently filming ``Molly Gunn,'' in which she plays a spoiled New York socialite.
On our examination, the patient's markedly pressed, somewhat breathy voice became very breathy when she relaxed her supraglottic hyperfunction.
Her vocal flexibility and cool, breathy voice brought sultry distinction to big band show-stoppers, pop ballads and soulful laments.
Initial side effects that usually subside after a few days to a few weeks may include a temporary weak, breathy voice or occasional swallowing difficulties.
People who develop a vocal polyp usually have a low-pitched, hoarse, breathy voice, similar to the voices of people who have vocal nodules.
Her almost childlike, breathy voice with arms outstretched in welcome.