breathing apparatus

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a device that facilitates breathing in cases of respiratory failure

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Six firefighters from Stockton Heath, Knutsford and Northwich, entered the cottage wearing breathing sets.
They were pulled out by firefighters wearing breathing sets.
Contract notice: Surgical materials and instruments, breathing sets, other medical products purchase.
Four officers wore breathing sets as they tackled the fire in dense smoke.
Crews in breathing sets discovered a smoke-logged bedroom and the bed and bedding destroyed when they were called to a couple's home in Doxford Walk, Hemlington.
And while firefighters wearing breathing sets found the bodies of Tatum, 14, and Demi-Jade, 12, in their bedrooms, Mr Coates was trying to comfort their distraught mum Anita.
A dozen firefighters wearing breathing sets went in first and had to use safety lines to grope their way through the sprawling,unventilated basement area.
Four crew members entered the flat wearing breathing sets.
Firefighters in breathing sets fought an intense blaze - believed to have started accidentally in the kitchen, while four others carried out a search of the detached bungalow.
He made his way through the house with another fireman, both wearing breathing sets and using torches to cut through the smoke.
Firefighters stayed at the scene for 90 minutes and had to wear breathing sets and chemical protection suits while making the tank safe.
A pair of firefighters in breathing sets fought an intense blaze in the kitchen, while four others carried out a search of the detached bungalow.
Firefighters from Binley using breathing sets to get into the burning building.
supply of various medical devices (such as laboratory products, soda lime, identification bands, electrodes, catheters, tracheostomy tubes, sensors for the measurement of cardiac output, surgical knives and tweezers, breathing sets, etc).