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a device that measures chemicals (especially the alcohol content) in a person's expired breath


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Each subject's breath alcohol concentration was measured using an Alcotest 3300R breath analyzer (Drager Safety Japan, Tokyo), 120 minutes after post consumption.
After each puff, the smoker first emptied his or her lungs of smoke, then breathed into the real-time breath analyzer while the uptake and decay of the target chemicals in the blood was monitored.
Breath analyzers and hyphenated MS-elemental analyzer capabilities are particularly enhanced and may pave the way for growth in this field.
The move to eradicate drunken driving accidents comes as the transport ministry found tests by truck, bus and taxi service operators to be insufficient as they do not require a breath analyzer.
With this breath analyzer we give them the opportunity to prove it.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Fuel Cell Sensor Breath Analyzer, Make: Tayaltech Or Similar Conforming To Rdso Specification No.
The breath analyzer tests showed both drivers had been sober.
All Nippon Airways said Wednesday it will implement an additional pre-flight restriction on drinking by its pilots following several recent flight delays after pilots were found to have been drinking by a breath analyzer.
The most common ones make you walk a straight line or breathe into a breath analyzer or take a blood test to determine your blood-alcohol level.
Lamp, Alcohol Breath Analyzer, Oxygen Concentrators Portables Itr, Weighing Machine, E.
In an interview for state TV channel BNT, Tsvetanov suggested that Petkov take a breath analyzer test before making public appearances to ascertain his emotional condition and to prevent overexcitement on certain programs.
The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London and Kiotech International formed a joint venture company, BodiTech, in order to develop and manufacture a breath analyzer device for diagnosing ailments by sniffing a patient's breath, according to Reuters.
Kemeta is commercializing a patented palm-size breath analyzer that specifically and immediately detects if, and at what rate, the user is burning fat.