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a device that measures chemicals (especially the alcohol content) in a person's expired breath


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He explained that their breath analyzer could detect alcohol use even after a day liquor was consumed.
Numerous employers have already introduced breath analyzers independently, following the enactment of the amended traffic law that imposes harsher punishments on drunken driving, but other employers do not own the device and operators often waive the test when the breath analyzer is not functioning, according to the ministry.
Breath analyzers and hyphenated MS-elemental analyzer capabilities are particularly enhanced and may pave the way for growth in this field.
After each puff, the smoker first emptied his or her lungs of smoke, then breathed into the real-time breath analyzer while the uptake and decay of the target chemicals in the blood was monitored.
With this breath analyzer we give them the opportunity to prove it.
Spirometrix said its Fenom PRO Point-of-Care Breath Analyzer is a portable, battery-operated device that comprises a solid-state senor which uses an electrochemical reaction to yield a millivolt output, which is then translated by an algorithm into nitric oxide levels.
MANILA -- A lawyer became the first motorist apprehended by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for drunk driving on the day the agency started using the breath analyzer test, an official said.
The breath analyzer kits are used to determine the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in persons suspected of being under the influence of liquor.
The drink made up of ginger beer, lime and possible Vodka was enough to put her over the legal limit, due to which the air she blew was higher than the permissible limit, in the breath analyzer test that was conducted on her.
The breath analyzer tests showed both drivers had been sober.
All Nippon Airways said Wednesday it will implement an additional pre-flight restriction on drinking by its pilots following several recent flight delays after pilots were found to have been drinking by a breath analyzer.
The most common ones make you walk a straight line or breathe into a breath analyzer or take a blood test to determine your blood-alcohol level.
To assist the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in enforcing the law against drunk driving, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will deputize 92 traffic marshals for the task starting March 12, the same day the LTO would start using breath analyzer tests on motorists suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.