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a swimming stroke

swim with the face down and extend the arms forward and outward while kicking with the leg

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In recent two-three decades analysis of breaststroke swimming has been conducted by using video recordings, where in the movements of the upper and lower limbs were generally distinguished into three phases: propulsive, resistant and gliding.
Researches were designed to analyze the association between several variables of the time structure of the breaststroke cycle as well as to check influence of those technical indices on the breaststroke swimming.
2001) Influence of lower extremity joint motions of the effectiveness of the kick in breaststroke swimming.
Chris Cook can count himself unlucky not to have gone to Sydney eight years ago but his record-breaking performance at the 100m breaststroke swimming trials in April have added to the feeling the Newcastle man is coming of age.
Adam won gold in the 100m breaststroke swimming and silver in the 50m and medley relay events, while Peter won a silver in the lightweight coxless four rowing event.