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a fatal disease of cattle that affects the central nervous system

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Determinants of breast self-examination performance among Iranian women: an application of the health belief model.
The Task Force made the same recommendation against breast self-examination (BSE) back in 2001 and, in the intervening decade, several leading Canadian women's health advocates--who used to champion BSE--ceased teaching or actively recommending it to their female patients.
My study aims to find out why, as there's no concrete data, and to look at determining the best way of promoting and teaching breast self-examination.
As far as breast self-examination goes, he agrees that formalized instruction by physicians may not be effective, "but that doesn't mean women shouldn't examine themselves and know their bodies and the changes that occur.
Think Pink Bahrain will provide the girls with an information sheet in Urdu about breast self-examination, which should be given to their mothers.
Screening tests include mammography, clinical breast examination (CBE) and breast self-examination (BSE).
Researchers Jan Peter Kosters and Peter Gotzsche, from the Copenhagen-based Nordic Cochrane Centre, said: "At present, screening by breast self-examination or physical examination (by a trained health worker) cannot be recommended.
In the absence of any family history, there is no good indication to undertake mammography or ovarian cancer screening in this age group but a physical examination and a smear on a yearly basis as well as instructions on breast self-examination would be sensible.
Contributors in public health and social work examine psychosocial and behavioral factors related to the choices women make regarding issues such as alcohol use, nutrition, exercise, safe sex practices, sunscreen use, and breast self-examination.
Four in 10 respondents emphasized the importance of breast self-examination, apparently unaware that its value is questionable.
WIT was developed to increase breast self-examination, clinical breast examination, and mammography use among African American women in East Tennessee (see Table 1).
The ATC's did not teach their female athletes about breast cancer; about reproductive system cancer; or about breast self-examination techniques.
All women over 20 should do a breast self-examination every month.
At next Saturday's event, women will discuss breast self-examination techniques and personal findings with the health care professional performing their exams.