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While reduction mammaplasty has benefits-including reduced pain and increased ability to exercise-the final appearance of the breasts seems better if breast reduction surgery is performed after massive weight loss.
In the UK, where men account for 10% of all cosmetic surgery patients, breast reduction has replaced the facelift as the fifth most popular male cosmetic surgery procedure.
No patients, including those having abdominoplasty and breast reduction, under MIA have needed narcotics (IV or oral) for postop pain in 10 years," states Friedberg.
A drawback of liposuction breast reduction is that it does not significantly lift sagging breasts, unlike traditional breast reduction.
Hardaway said state-of-the-art technology and surgical procedures make breast reduction relatively painless and patients stay in the hospital only over night.
Breast reduction surgery, which relieves painful physical symptoms from overly large breasts, was fifth with 99,428 women having the procedure.
In the cosmetic surgery top 10 list, breast reduction comes second only to breast augmentation and way above face and neck lifts.
More women than ever -- 178,726 -- improved their health and quality of life through breast reduction and reconstruction procedures in 2001.
The top five reconstructive plastic surgery procedures performed in 2000 were tumor removal, laceration repair, scar revision, hand surgery and breast reduction.
Mofid will offer on-site consultation on surgical procedures such as breast reduction and augmentation, face lifts and brow lifts.
Finally in 2010, the 30-year-old mum of three managed to get a breast reduction - to a size 36C - on the NHS, after agreeing to lose a stone.
Even men can enjoy these incredible $500 dollar savings on a male breast reduction to restore their confident, masculine appearance.
Male breast reduction, gynecomastia, costs about PS3300 and is now the UK's ninth most popular cosmetic procedure, says private healthcare search engine WhatClinic.