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cancer of the breast

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Lymphedema is a side effect of breast cancer treatment that involves swelling of the soft tissues of the arm, hand or chest wall.
The women were followed for 6 months, and all women continued with their breast cancer treatments.
Indeed, breast cancer treatments have become not only more targeted, but easier to bear, says Funmi Olopade, MD, a breast cancer specialist and professor of medicine at the University of Chicago Medical Center.
If they do, Weber points out, they would provide a model for developing breast cancer treatments and preventive measures.
Working on opposite sides of the Atlantic, the two researchers have been powerful advocates of the major shift away from radical mastectomies to less disfiguring breast cancer treatments.
Their goal is to enable these women to live long, full and joyous lives free from the physical and emotional debilitation that can follow breast cancer treatments.
Research has shown breast cancer treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy increase the amount of a protein called NF-kB in breast cancer cells.
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