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Synonyms for sternum

the flat bone that articulates with the clavicles and the first seven pairs of ribs

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He feels no pain, except a slight ache in his breast bone where the incision was made.
AAt the end of the breast bone, or sternum, there is a small piece of cartilage half the length of your finger known as the xiphisternun.
Colin, 23, died from a single stab wound through his breast bone and into his heart following a row with Candice, who had allegedly discovered his affair with another woman.
During the three weeks leading-up to his death, defenceless Mr Oakes, known as Kenny, was subject to at least four brutal attacks at the hands of Rai, 21, which left him with a staggering 43 rib fractures, a broken breast bone, bruises and cuts.
She suffered a broken breast bone and ribs and was taken to James Cook University Hospital and later discharged.
Ed's pacemaker was fitted during a procedure which involved going into his chest via the front shoulder close to the breast bone.
Financial adviser Alan Parkinson, 50, from Allerton, not only broke his breast bone during the crowd surge but also needed 16 stitches - from his scalp to his eyebrow - after cutting his head.
Then, to remove the breasts, lay the body on a cutting board and, again in long strokes, cut along the middle of the breast bone just to one side and the breast will easily come away in one piece.
But the cancer quickly ate away her spine and left her paralysed from the breast bone down.
But it was the major tumour in Rhodri's chest, which had already eaten through three-quarters of his breast bone, that was causing doctors the biggest concern.
But her world turned upside down when she broke her breast bone, leg and hand in a head-on smash in France in July.
Kim, who plays Sam Butcher, was travelling with her boyfriend to Italy last Saturday when their vehicle crashed, leaving her with a broken leg, hand and breast bone.
The cancer had spread to her spine, hip and breast bone and the 29-year- old decided to plough all her efforts into raising funds for cancer research.
Mr Hackett suffered a collapsed lung, a broken breast bone, he lost teeth, and suffered head and facial bruising.
The shoulder strap should be between the breasts, over the breast bone and around the bump.