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The lady from Tiree has a deformity in the breast bone and would have had some developmental faults with changes in her sacrum (the large bone at the bottom of the spine) and also an asymmetry in her skull.
The shirt has ambidextrous concealed-carry pockets positioned below the breast bone to allow for free range of motion, and safe and secure carry of a compact handgun, Taser or pepper spray.
Next, cut up through the backbone and then through the centre of the breast bone to separate each breast and wing.
ATHIS is caused by inflammation in the cartilage tissue that joins your ribs to your breast bone.
On approaching the breast of the skeleton we found immediately on the breast bone a fine plate of gold.
Both birds appeared in good condition apart from one having some signs of blood on its breast bone.
DGU02466) including the following parameters: the test of auto-correction, difference of chest excursion at a deep inspiration and expiration, "torsion" of the breast bone and the angle of steepness of the deformed ribs.
But it's a crying shame to grind or dehydrate the inside "tenderloin" strips, which lay right against the bird's breast bone.
The researchers examined four tissue samples from each of the 40 women, taken from four locations across the breast from the armpit region (axilla) in towards the breast bone (sternum).
Strettle, controversially denied a try against Wales, failed a fitness Test on a breast bone injury to hand Sharples, 22, his chance.
Cole, 20, from Titan House, Walker, Newcastle, suffered stab wounds just in front of his left ear and to his upper breast bone.
5cm in width on her breast bone, evidently caused by a sharp instrument, said Katsounotos.
6 TACKLING THE BODY Finally, with the wider 'neck' end towards you, carve parallel to the breast bone, holding the turkey secure using the carving fork.
used to improve closure of the breast bone after open-heart surgery.
Two days later I had an MRI which showed cancer in the right breast, the breast bone, and the lymph nodes with a second, unrelated tumor in the right lung.