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Lanzkowsky concluded, "If BSGI had been used to manage this population of 17 lesions indeterminate on breast MRI, it would have correctly ruled out the need for biopsy or follow-up for six lesions (35 percent); correctly ruled in the need for intervention in two lesions (12 percent); resulted in no change in management for five lesions (29 percent) and resulted in benign biopsy for four lesions.
We are happy to now offer CADstream - which is reported to be the standard in breast MRI CAD - to the French market.
The Aurora Breast MRI of Sarasota center began with the purpose of bringing cancer care closer to home by making available and accessible state-of-the-art technologies for early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.
Demand has also increased due to the introduction of Confirma's next generation breast MRI application which is now available with important new features that improve speed, ease-of-use, reliability, patient monitoring and integration.
5T Dedicated Breast MRI System with Bilateral RODEO(R) (Rotating Delivery of Excitation Off-Resonance).
The breast MRI market gained momentum in 2008 with several emerging studies highlighting the effectiveness and clinical excellence of the modality," stated Travis Chong, Industry Analyst - Healthcare Sector, Frost & Sullivan.
As the breast MRI market continues its explosive growth, distribution partnerships with market-leading companies such as Vital Images enable us to expand our reach," said Wayne Wager, Confirma president and chief executive officer.
Aurora Imaging Technologies' best of class dedicated breast MRI system is a logical beneficiary of our research initiatives," stated Dr.
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, April 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Validation of the emerging role of breast MRI in diagnosing and treating breast cancer is showing up in the form of increased CME accredited workshops designed to give hands-on training in the technique, interpretation and intervention methods of MRI-guided breast biopsy.
GE Healthcare and Confirma to Support Practical Breast MRI Interpretation Course in Toronto, May 9, 2009
TPMI is one of the few centers in Boulder County that offers the advanced imaging capabilities of Breast MRI.
Aaron Ciechanover, MD, DSc, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2004, was a keynote speaker at the Fourth Annual meeting of the Aurora[R] Breast MRI Society recently held in Puerto Rico.
Healthcare and breast radiology professionals from around the world recently attended the annual meeting of the Aurora[R] Breast MRI Society in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Breast MRI also offers physicians an additional tool, which allows for further in-depth analysis of patients with suspicious or unclear mammography readings before undergoing invasive procedures.