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cancer of the breast

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The odds of breast cancer in women with a BRCA1 mutation also increased with the time elapsed since discontinuation of oral contraceptive use.
As with breast cancer in women, symptoms usually include the presence of a hard, painless lump and nipple discharge (usually bloody).
In previous studies, the BT Test successfully identified over 95% of the non-treated breast cancer in women as compared to mammography's performance at 80% (on average).
That's the message from researchers who have found that cigarette smoking may limit the incidence of breast cancer in women who carry a genetic mutation that predisposes them to the malignancy.
The increasingly common practice of surgically removing both breasts while they are still healthy is an effective, if radical, way of preventing breast cancer in women at high risk of the disease, a study finds.
In initial studies involving more than 250 subjects, the BT Test successfully identified non-treated breast cancer in women with a greater than 95% sensitivity and specificity, outperforming mammography.
Mammograms miss about one-fourth of invasive breast cancer in women in their 40s, compared to one-tenth of such cancers in women 50 and older.
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