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Family history of breast cancer does not decline as a breast cancer risk factor as a woman ages.
The prevalences of modifiable breast cancer risk factors were derived from a statistical sample of the Canadian population and thus are a very good estimate.
12 It is known that age is an established breast cancer risk factor.
This information is being provided to raise your awareness and to encourage you to discuss with your health care providers your dense breast tissue and other breast cancer risk factors.
High breast density is also associated with breast cancer risk factors including nulliparity, a positive family history of breast cancer, and menopausal hormone therapy use, but studies have consistently demonstrated that "'compared with low density, high density confers relative risks of four- to fivefold for breast cancer, independent of these and other factors," the investigators said.
Breast cancer risk factor knowledge among nurses in teaching hospitals of Karachi, Pakistan: a cross-sectional study.
The new findings regarding hyperinsulinemia as a breast cancer risk factor take on particular urgency in light of the ongoing obesity epidemic in the United States.
Because the breast is particularly susceptible to carcinogen exposure up until the first full-term pregnancy, there may be an interaction between risk associated with age at first pregnancy, an established breast cancer risk factor, and risk associated with chemical exposure.
In a leading study of over 4,700 women spanning five major cities across the United States, a significant correlation was found between the breast cancer risk factor and the number of hours per day women wore brassieres.
Age at first pregnancy isn't customarily considered a readily modifiable breast cancer risk factor.
Throughout the month, it is holding a range of activities aimed at enhancing awareness of breast cancer risk factors among women and increasing knowledge of lesser-known breast cancer symptoms.
Breast cancer risk factors defined by estrogen and progesterone receptor status: the multiethnic cohort study.
To help determine risk, the Practice Bulletin also outlines breast cancer risk factors that should be considered, including family history of cancer, known germline mutations, prior biopsy findings, early menarche, late menopause, breast density, and a range of lifestyle and other factors.
Breast cancer epidemiology according to recognized breast cancer risk factors in the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian (PLCO) Cancer Screening Trial Cohort.
TABLE Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Their Relative Risks Relative risk <2 Relative risk 2-4 Relative risk >4 Age 25 to 34 at Age >35 at first Gene mutations (BRCA first live birth live birth 1 or 2) Early menarche First-degree Lobular carcinoma in relative with breast situ cancer Late menopause Nulliparity Ductal carcinoma in situ Proliferative benign Radiation exposure Atypical hyperplasia disease Postmenopausal Prior breast cancer obesity Alcohol use Estrogen/ progestogen hormone therapy Adapted from: Bilimoria MM, Morrow M.
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