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High breast density is also associated with breast cancer risk factors including nulliparity, a positive family history of breast cancer, and menopausal hormone therapy use, but studies have consistently demonstrated that "compared with low density, high density confers relative risks of four- to fivefold for breast cancer, independent of these and other factors," Dr.
The prevalences of modifiable breast cancer risk factors were derived from a statistical sample of the Canadian population and thus are a very good estimate.
4-fold greater risk of breast cancer than did those in the lowest quartile, after researchers controlled for established breast cancer risk factors, including serum estradiol.
As background, we provide an overview of incidence trends and well-established and suggested breast cancer risk factors that inform environmental research.
IARC and WCRF/AICR Evaluations of Breast Cancer Risk Factors
Factors that contribute to increased breast cancer risk Factors that contribute to increased breast cancer risk ACCORDING to Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the UK's leading breast cancer charity, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in Scotland - 4500 women are diagnosed and 1000 women die from the disease each year.
In the E3N study, it was found that women with "very many" nevi had a 13 percent higher breast cancer risk than women reporting no nevi, although the association was no longer significant after adjusting for known breast cancer risk factors, especially benign breast disease or family history of breast cancer, which were themselves associated with nevi number.
In the virtual study, researchers used Archimedes' detailed simulation model of breast cancer risk factors, disease progression, and healthcare processes to estimate the costs and benefits of using genetic testing to refine estimates of risk for purposes of referring women to MRI screening.
After adjusting for other breast cancer risk factors such as estrogen replacement therapy, it was determined that even low levels of alcohol, at 3 to 6 glasses of wine per week, were associated with a small (considered a slight or modest increase) but significant elevated relative risk for breast cancer (1.
Obesity was measured by BMI and by waist circumference, and the results were adjusted for other breast cancer risk factors.
The study was limited in that it did not take into account the potential impact of other breast cancer risk factors such as obesity, which may have masked the effect of screening on mortality.
Breast cancer risk factors were divided into 3 categories--established, possible, and biologically plausible--on the basis of the strength of the data, according to panelist Robert Hiatt, a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco.
Alcohol may not be the only factor, but this finding may spur further research on other breast cancer risk factors.
He also expresses skepticism about the "troubling uses" to which our current understandings of breast cancer risk factors are put.
Since then the actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist has worked to increase cancer awareness and to raise money for research, most recently serving as a spokesperson for Strength in Knowing: The Facts and Fiction of Breast Cancer Risk--an education program designed to separate fact from fiction regarding breast cancer risk factors.
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