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the termination or disintegration of a relationship (between persons or nations)

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According to the survey, Americans differ in how they would plan for a breakup but agree on the best way to communicate the news.
Its goal was to understand how warming global temperatures and the intensifying Arctic hydrological cycle associated with them may be driving increasing water discharges and more rapid ice breakup in the Arctic's great rivers.
Recruitment emails were sent to students enrolled in psychology courses at a state university in the Midwest, inviting them to participate in a study about romantic relationships and breakups.
The actor went on to clarify that his mother, Neetu Singh had no role to play on the breakup.
com)-- Post Breakup Wakeup, the powerful workshop that provides practical counsel and tools for single women seeking to live purposefully, build independent wealth, and raise their children confidently and securely, will be held in Westlake Village, November 3 from 9:30 a.
People have also been noted to have heart attacks or strokes following breakups and the ensuing depression (Rosenthal, 2002).
She knows what it's like to have your heart ripped apart by a painful breakup and feel like the world is ending or should end.
And don't forget no-fault divorces where a spouse could owe alimony to someone who caused the breakup, says Frederick Hertz, an attorney in Oakland, Calif.
Business leaders said Tuesday the breakup and merger of Japanese companies will accelerate under a corporate tax system proposed by the government's Tax Commission.
American undergraduates focus on the 'how' of a breakup when describing their breakups, not the 'why' or the 'who,'" said Ilana Gershon, associate professor of communication and culture in IU's College of Arts and Sciences.
From civil unions to high-profile breakups, the lessons about gay and lesbian relationships in 2000 will stay with us for years.
Jewitt adds that astronomers have documented few cometary breakups and that none has been well studied.
Breakups lead us to a state of mind which is very similar to the "fight or flight" state.
When it comes to breakups, the lesbian motto remains "Don't ask, don't tell.
By going directly to the voters, the Goldberg-Galanter measure would circumvent the process set down by the state's newly approved secession law, which calls for a detailed study of city breakups by the Local Agency Formation Commission before the issue goes to the voters, Wachs said.