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a song about love or expressing love for another person


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Binreak ko po 'yung rule na 'pag breakup song lagi dapat mababa (ang energy), lagi dapat senti.
Already massive in the States, thanks to their Disney Channel show, the LA-born duo look likely to break through in Britain with album standout Potential Breakup Song which is just quirky enough to give them an edge.
TEEN sisters Alyson and Amanda Michalka are huge in the US after being championed by the Disney Channel, and are set to break big here with breakthrough single Potential Breakup Song.
Even "Tapestry's" overplayed hits "You've Got a Friend" and "It's Too Late" (probably the gentlest breakup song ever written) sounded fresh.
But the real gem here is ``Louisa,'' a breakup song abounding with gorgeous harmonies and a melody you'll be singing for days.
com, choose a preferred tune (based on your current wireless carrier), then watch as a hip crooner bursts into a breakup song aimed at the restrictive calling circles of T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon Wireless.
For the meantime, Swifties (Swift's fans) could only hope that her new affair will not lead to another breakup song soon.
The Dublin singer admitted he would love to pen a breakup song for his fellow judge on The Voice.
Working through the varied emotions that surround the end of a relationship, the lead-off "I Am Breaking Up With You" is just about the catchiest, breeziest breakup song ever, while "Choose Me Back" tackles the hard moments of realizing a breakup is imminent.
It Just Has to Be This Way,'' a duet with husky-throated Vince Gill, is a breakup song that's simply gorgeous.
In other related news, Bieber's ex-girlfriend has released a new breakup song, titled "(https://youtu.
Dubai Whitney Houston's death may have cast a pall over the Grammys on Sunday, but even the hasty tributes couldn't take the shine off the other talked-about female artist of the night: British singer Adele, who took home six Grammys --and vowed to "never" write another breakup song.
Ray follows this doomed equation with another one, "Dairy Queen," possibly the most dignified breakup song ever.
The lyrics are borrowed, with apologies, from '80s rock group Crowded House, whose breakup song, ``Locked out,'' tidily sums up the owners-players love spat as well as anything.
The album features the single "Potential Breakup Song," which was noted in Time Magazine as one of the Top 10 Songs of the Year for 2007.