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a song about love or expressing love for another person


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Breakup songs such as Rolling, may have made her the only female artist since Beyonce to take home six Grammys in one night, but the "mouthy" Londoner now insists she's done with them.
The lyrics are borrowed, with apologies, from '80s rock group Crowded House, whose breakup song, ``Locked out,'' tidily sums up the owners-players love spat as well as anything.
The album features the single "Potential Breakup Song," which was noted in Time Magazine as one of the Top 10 Songs of the Year for 2007.
It's a breakup song where McGraw is lamenting that his love has left for Portland.
The breakup song, like Bazan himself, is full of contradictions.
The first single, "Potential Breakup Song," unveils a new sound for Aly & AJ which adds a distinct rhythmic element to their signature rock/pop songwriting.
Ray follows this doomed equation with another one, "Dairy Queen," possibly the most dignified breakup song ever.
And while they're still riddled with emotion, songs such as the astrology-laden breakup song "Scorpio'' are easy to relate to.
Beneath the surface, it also incorporates what Levine calls "an increasing dissatisfaction with the direction of the world" and its leaders, imparting a new layer of meaning to an otherwise upbeat breakup song.
Ian excels at the aching ballad, and besides "memphis" she includes the heartrending breakup song "she must be beautiful" ("so beautiful / to have stolen the wind from my sails") and the gorgeously melodic "days like these," a paean to hope amid resignation that was written, oddly enough, about her troubles with the IRS.
Whether it's on the anti-twerking ditty "Pretty Time Bomb'' or the celebratory breakup song "When I'm Alone,'' Sam Phillips expresses more insight and intelligence in one line than most pop artists will show in their whole catalog.
There's more: the aching ``Celluloid Heroes,'' about a wistful walk down Hollywood Boulevard (``inspired by that street and some people I knew in that strange, strange country called Los Angeles''), and ``Days,'' the most forgiving breakup song of all time.
It was considered so bad that the self-anointed "King of All Media'' staged a "Restless, Restless'' song contest to prove that no one could possibly do a good version of this laughably bad breakup song.
The 32-year-old former 'NSyncer then launched into his famous breakup song "Cry Me A River," which he was rumored to have penned after Spears allegedly cheated on him with her choreographer Wade Robson.
Rolling Stone decreed "Moment of Weakness" to be "the twentieth century's last decent breakup song," noting Bif's "forceful Gwen Stefani-style vocals.