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a pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approaches the batter

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From everything I see these days, this kind of old-fashioned breaking pitch is on a sabbatical.
got Ortiz to lunge at a breaking pitch in the first inning and Boston's All-Star designated hitter fouled out weakly to first baseman Derek Wathan.
It can involve a fast ball and a breaking pitch or just the fast ball.
Whenever a problem arises - the pitcher suddenly starts throwing low or high, inside or outside, failing to snap off the breaking pitch it is up to the coach to locate the cause and make the correction.
Boucher followed by ripping a breaking pitch deep over the left field fence to put Leominster on top, 4-0.
Once the feeder gets the hang of these drills, he can simulate the three basic pitches from just below the chest position: a normal fast ball, an above-average fast ball, and a breaking pitch.
The tires can be tightened or loosened for greater or less pressure, and turned in three directions - down the middle, toward the opposite field, and angled for the breaking pitch.
Forget the soap opera stuff; the only value to the movie is Costner's inner monologue on the mound, where we get to hear how a 40-something pitcher approaches the game, including a debate with himself about whether he should throw a breaking pitch, knowing the twisting motion will cause searing pain in his surgically repaired elbow.
On his last pitch, he retired Ruiz on an 82 mph breaking pitch.
The Dodgers) think of him more as a reliever but I think if he recovers his breaking pitch, he can become a very good starting pitcher for the Dodgers.
When he has control of the breaking pitch, he's unhittable,'' Seattle's Jolbert Cabrera said.