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Synonyms for strength

Synonyms for strength

the state or quality of being physically strong

power used to overcome resistance

the condition of being free from defects or flaws

reliability in withstanding pressure, force, or stress

Synonyms for strength

capability in terms of personnel and materiel that affect the capacity to fight a war

the power to induce the taking of a course of action or the embracing of a point of view by means of argument or entreaty

capacity to produce strong physiological or chemical effects

the condition of financial success

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Even though the grafted site had not attained sufficient tensile and breaking strengths as normal oesophagus on 60th day postoperatively, the extensibility and dilatability were almost 75-80 %.
2011), who did not detect any negative effect of BA on bone ash concentration and breaking strength in pigs weighing 40 and 60 kg, respectively.
Experimental tests that used a sonotrode with straight active surfaces (type A) have led to obtaining a joint breaking strength of approximately 10daN, resistance at the high limit imposed by the application.
Effect or oral administration of isolated constituent lupeol on dead space wound model Granulation tissue dry weight Treatment (mg/100 g) Breaking strength (g) Control 62.
chrome moly plates, providing twice the breaking strength while adding only 2 lbs.
The webbing with the embedded plastic button does not meet the minimum breaking strength in accordance with Federal Motor Vehicle Standard No.
Available maximum drag pressure should equal at least half of the breaking strength of the line used.
The right tibia was directly defleshed and patella removed, the fresh bone breaking strength was determined using WDS-1 electric universal testing machine by three-point bending test of metaphyseal tibia with 30 mm supporting distance and 10 mm/min test speed.
In the end the tensile breaking strength was calculated for each sample with the formula:
The scientists evaluated such macroscopic characteristics as density (true and apparent), expansion ratio (radial, axial, overall), porosity and breaking strength.
Both manifolds met specifications for leak, burst, and breaking strength.
The drug-treated animals of the dead-space wound model showed a significant increase in dry granuloma weight, granuloma breaking strength and the level of hydroxyproline content (Table 1) at both dose levels.
As seen in this Figure, the breaking strength of LLDPE is much higher than that of LDPE, and those of the blends are linearly associated with the constituents.
90], minutes H H H Breaking strength, MPa L L L L Elongation @ break, % H H H H H Modulus @ 300%, MPa L L L L L Hardness @ 23[degrees]C L L L L L Rebound @ 23[degrees]C, % L L L L L Tear strength, N/mm H H H H H Cut growth @ 54,000 cycles, mm L L L L L G' @ 2%, 30[degrees]C, MPa L L L L G" @ 2%, 30[degrees]C, MPa L L L Ozone rating @ 10 days L L L
AMEX: II) reported that research published in a recent issue of The Journal of Hand Surgery entitled "Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy Increases Tensile Strength in Rat Achilles' Tendon Repair Model" has shown that Ivivi's recently developed noninvasive pulsed radio frequency electromagnetic fields (PEMF) can produce up to a 69% increase in rat Achilles' tendon breaking strength versus control tendons at 21 days after repair.