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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Mexican descent

a tortilla rolled cupped around a filling

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The Breakfast Taco Del Carbon, at 79 cents, is a corn tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, California chili sauce, chopped onions and cilantro.
The Original Mexican Patio Cafe is offering a free breakfast taco to fans during breakfast hours on Monday, May 6.
When a small group of Texans met Tuesday morning over breakfast tacos ahead of the vote, Hurd watched as U.
The Army of Fun, an anonymous committee with the power to surprise the office with breakfast tacos, margaritas and Putt Putt tournaments;
Late-night bites included mini cheeseburgers, breakfast tacos, and crispy macaroni and cheese.
Buffets are available for both meals, but we found some excellent made-to-order items on both menus - vegetarian breakfast tacos in the morning, for example, and a hummus pita with salad at midday.
I've been trying to aspire to this lifestyle but I can't resist the delicious breakfast tacos.
As part of their trailblazing campaign to improve school nutrition, some Texas schools have taken to injecting fish oil (which is high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids) into foods like breakfast tacos with bacon and nacho cheese--a move that reminds us of the "I Hate Vegetables" brand of foods from the 1970s that snuck small amounts of broccoli and peas into kids' stomachs when mixed with potatoes and passed off as French fries.
One organic restaurant in Austin, Texas, for example, uses its turkey to make chorizo sausage for its breakfast tacos.
Breakfast tacos and breakfast burritos are served everywhere, with the tortilla usually enclosing scrambled eggs, salsa, onions, and maybe chorizo or guisado (stew).
and will be celebrated with free food and refreshments that include breakfast tacos, aguas frescas and an assortment of desserts.
Before the meeting on Thursday, the bipartisanship effort will face its first potentially divisive decision: where to find breakfast tacos worthy of discerning Texas taste buds.
Join us for a hosted breakfast, including breakfast tacos and Bloody Marys at Maggie Mae's, Thursday, March 19th and Friday, 20th from 11am-2pm.
Breakfast Tacos - Choose two breakfast tacos in fresh flour tortillas, served with red chile-tomatillo salsa.
Omelet's official taco delivery guy will also be handing out Austin's best breakfast tacos throughout the city March 7-11.