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the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)

eat an early morning meal

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provide breakfast for

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Breakfast foods include a wide variety of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy and lean proteins.
Farmhouse Breakfast Week highlights the importance of starting the day with a balanced breakfast, and raises the awareness of the quality and diversity of the wealth of breakfast foods available across the country.
The distinctive nutty flavour of Spelt ensures that these breakfast foods have a great taste that perfectly complement the nutritional and health benefits of this unique grain and is a delicious reason to get up in the morning.
Because of these pressures many breakfast foods are actually consumed as lunchtime or after-school snacks.
Along with a wide variety of breakfast foods, pupils now have the option to grab a slice of toast for just 10p.
Organised by the Home-Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA), the campaign highlights the wealth of high-quality regional breakfast foods available throughout the country while reminding us all why breakfast is a great start to the day.
Pinnacle produces a number of consumer brands including Hungry Man and Swanson frozen dinners, Aunt Jemima breakfast foods, Celeste pizza, and Van de Kamp's and Mrs Paul's seafood.
In addition to markets in the United States, the line is distributed in Canada by the custom food product manufacturer, which specializes in packing private label products as well as branded items that range from appetizers and snacks to breakfast foods.
Then they held a tasting session so children at the primary in Eskbank, Tanhouse, had a chance to try healthy breakfast foods including yoghurts, cereals and different types of fruit.
That's because breakfast foods, like fruit and eggs, are naturally packed with nutrients such as vitamins.
It's a great alternative to traditional breakfast foods, providing you with protein and key antioxidants, like vitamin C and lycopene, to help boost the immune system.
Enter in one of four categories - breakfast foods, appetizers, entrees or desserts.
Looking to extend its brand beyond breakfast foods, Kellogg Co.
Researchers are investigating food-grade sorghum as a substitute for wheat in pasta, bakery products, and breakfast foods, such as waffles.
It requires serious changes, so this book does a real service by handling basics: breakfast foods, baked goods, sauces and toppings, salads, soups, dips, main courses, and desserts.