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a truck equipped to hoist and pull wrecked cars (or to remove cars from no-parking zones)

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A breakdown truck rolled backwards into a Transit van, which rolled into another breakdown truck - trapping the man between them.
A breakdown truck then slid back into all three men, crushing them between the vehicles.
Most motorists dread the idea of getting a puncture and being stranded at the roadside waiting for a breakdown truck.
00 am when a breakdown truck from a Chinese oil company was brought to the scene to do the work.
Mrs Noakes called for help - and within a minute a breakdown truck with the ambulance on the back arrived at her doorstep.
A resigned Michael Schumacher watches his Ferrari being lifted onto a breakdown truck in free practice yesterday
For he ended up stuck at rossroads at Scapegoat Hill, blocking the road for four hours from just after 6am to 10am yesterday until a breakdown truck could drag him backwards.
Truck gets stuck A breakdown truck on a rescue mission near Spalding in Lincolnshire got stuck in mud, forcing its driver to call out another breakdown truck.
Fire crews were first called out to North Road in Cardiff, by the junction of Boulevards De Nantes, at 4am after a breakdown truck went into the back of a lorry.
Worse still, you may miss your holiday altogether and see nothing more exciting than the back of a breakdown truck.
I've even got a breakdown truck near me in the habit of taking all the footpath up.
If a tram breaks down on route, it can be towed away by a breakdown truck more quickly than a diesel-powered bus.
There was a call from a salesman intent on giving a quote for an indoor swimming pool, a breakdown truck - and a visit from the local undertakers.
When the long-awaited breakdown truck arrived, the operator, Jon Roberts, of Dragon Rescue, took my car to Concept Saab, Penarth Road, Cardiff.
It was also possible, as one witness said, that Adamski's lorry "pulled in from lane two in front of the faster-moving breakdown truck which was in lane one".