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Synonyms for breadfruit

native to Pacific islands and having edible fruit with a texture like bread

a large round seedless or seeded fruit with a texture like bread

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During this time, Conseil and I chose the best fruits of the bread-fruit.
Here one of the sorrows of life, in which there is real poetry, gave itself vent; not that barren grief which the poet may only hint at, but never depict in its detail--misery and want: that animal necessity, in short, to snatch at least at a fallen leaf of the bread-fruit tree, if not at the fruit itself.
There was even a touch of romance in her--of such romance as could creep into Limehouse Hole--and maybe sometimes of a summer evening, when she stood with folded arms at her shop- door, looking from the reeking street to the sky where the sun was setting, she may have had some vaporous visions of far-off islands in the southern seas or elsewhere (not being geographically particular), where it would be good to roam with a congenial partner among groves of bread-fruit, waiting for ships to be wafted from the hollow ports of civilization.
A traditional Caribbean meal -ackee and salt-fish -with a selection of boiled food such as yam, green banana, dumplings and bread-fruit.