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Befor* Breakfast - thick white toast with butter and jam * Lunch - white bread sandwich with ham and cheese * Dinner - Chinese takeaway - sweet and sour with egg fried rice, prawn crackers and spring rolls Snacks - crisps and chocolate Afte* Breakfast - brown toast with honey, fruit with yoghurt * Lunch - salad with egg, ham and balsamic vinegar, fruit and yoghurt * Dinner - Slimming World lasagne Snacks - fruit and funsize chocolate bars
So I went back to the Barista Lavazza CrE me outlet at Khan Market -- my favourite spot for meetings with contacts -- and asked for the Smoked Salmon Sandwich and Keema in Pita Bread Sandwich.
After a nationwide search for America's best burger, Jennifer Beckman's Screen Porch Burger, made with King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread Sandwich Buns, earned the Falls Church, Virginia resident the $100,000 grand prize in Sutter Home Winery's 21st annual Build a Better Burger[R] Recipe Contest.
10,000 loaves bread sandwich white, whole wheat; 20,500 PKG buns, hotdogs sliced; 7,000 PKG buns, hamburger sliced; 50,000 EA roll, dinner.
Jenny says the typical lunchbox consists of a white bread sandwich, often with a sweet filling such as jam, rather than a protein filling.
Now I will have a bagel or crumpets with low-fat cream cheese for breakfast, a low-fat brown bread sandwich for lunch then wok chicken or a roast for tea.
A quesadilla is a Mexican toasted tortilla flat bread sandwich with a spicy/cheesy filling.
The calls come after it emerged that a white bread sandwich filled with reformed ham would be acceptable under the new guidelines which ban unhealthy foods from the machine.
Lunch - White bread sandwich with cheese or ham, or would skip lunch completely.
Last year's winner was a toasted cinnamon bread sandwich filled with heaping spoonfuls of Jif and topped with banana and mandarin orange slices, pineapple chunks and garnished with pomegranate seeds and grated ginger.
Now he has porridge for breakfast, brown bread sandwich or a salad for lunch, snacks of fruit and a chicken salad for dinner - or beans on toast made with just two slices of bread and one small tin of beans.
For example, did you know that packing a granary bread sandwich can aid cell production, aid healthy bones and zap free-radicals?
The malted bread sandwich from Middlesbrough-based firm Brambles Foods took the honours at the British Sandwich Association's annual "Sammy" awards.
BEFORE: White bread sandwich with butter and cheese, packet of crisps, chocolate biscuit, full-fat sugary yoghurt, fruit squash drink