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fine powdery foodstuff obtained by grinding and sifting the meal of a cereal grain

cover with flour

convert grain into flour

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As the product becomes cheaper, customers aren't as committed as they were in the past, and that's not necessarily a good thing for the bread flour market," he says.
Loaves made from whole-grain flours won't rise as high as those made with 100 percent bread flour (although they'll gain height with the addition of wheat gluten--add 1 1/2 teaspoons to each cup of whole-grain flour).
By hand, stir in whole-wheat flour, oats, nuts and enough bread flour to form a soft dogh.
We use a combination of good strong bread flour and organic pasta flour, which gives us a finer texture, but you could also use trial and error until you find a feel and flavour that you are happy with.
Bread making machines have created an unprecedented demand: A thirst for continually innovative product lines as keen bread makers endeavour to make ever more adventurous loaves; and, guaranteed sales of the store cupboard basics--strong bread flour and yeast.
Bread flour is best stored in an airtight container at 70 degrees for up to six months.
My reasoning is this: When baking with a coarser grain, that one cup whole wheat to three cups bread flour makes a more tender loaf.
The idea is to make a paper-thin dough to encircle a luscious apple-raisin mixture - a dough made from egg, vinegar, melted butter, lukewarm water and high-gluten bread flour.
Bread Machines: Ann Parrish, author of "Electric Bread," will demonstrate the uses of bread machines and provide tips on baking with bread flour.
Discussions with professional bakers, and experiments in our test kitchens, point to the success of bread flour in achieving traditional chewy sourdough texture.
500g strong white bread flour, ideally Caputo "00" flour which makes the best pizza dough
Authentic ingredients include Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, mozzarella, pancetta -- smoked Italian bacon and Italian bread flour for the dough, imported from Italy.
Allinson bread flour sales increased 136 per cent on 2000.
Westmill Foods claims its Allinson bread flour sales have risen 136% on last year and puts this down to the home baking revival.