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a container used to keep bread or cake in


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Amongst the items stolen are silver Anglo Saxon cups, a 16th century silver Communion cup, four solid brass vases, a silver bread box and cash.
Unusually, The Bakery Art Gallery and Bread Box Recording occupy the same premises, a former bakery in North Shields.
If you have wooden bread box plans to share, we'd love to hear from you.
His bout with the chicken pox at age fifty-five is introduced by another phase of dementia, in which he puts his cup full of coffee in the bread box and goes to retrieve it from the microwave, looks for a copy of The New Yorker in the freezer, and when his wife asks what happened, replies, "The prune was empty.
99 [pounds sterling], the range helps avoid pastries going stale in a bread box as they can be cooked individually when desired, the company said.
He'd have an arm strong enough to fight gravity and accurate enough to put the ball in a bread box.
The assumption that George would be unable to locate the crisper drawer or think to look for the rolls in the bread box makes it difficult for this reader to perceive George as anything but a touch slow.
One may have several degrees in biochemistry, and another has a PhD in computer science technology and they are led by a manager that knows exactly what new and wonderful product they are developing but will only tell you that it is bigger than a bread box and could consume more than three million yards of nonwovens a month.
From a component the size of a bread box, to an assembly the size of a entire room, our precision and attention to detail is what won us this award.
The initial prototype was the size of a bread box because we needed powerful ultrasound generators, explained Darrell Duchesneau (CEO at Funktional Beverages, Inc).
We used Da Vinci Moonstone TV27 naturaland outlined the room with a strip of MX93 Neapolitan Brick 76mm to add definition Accessories Taking a uniform approach to dressing, we purchased a matching stainless steel bin, bread box, herb rack, storage containers, utensils and mixing bowls from Brabantia www.
Its small kitchen had a black-and-white checkerboard floor, red-sparkle dinette chairs, a Wedgewood gas range and a gleaming chrome bread box.
If the project is bigger than a bread box you'll need a 50 ft.
Tigers are functionally extinct, as is almost any species larger than a bread box.