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a container used to keep bread or cake in


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Rather than stare at an empty bread box, we had to go to the pantry," said Enis, president/CEO of the $482 million United States Senate Federal Credit Union in Alexandria, Va.
Thieves broke into the vestry of St Mary's Church in Llannerchymedd to steal the historic chalice, other Anglo Saxon cups, cash, and a silver bread box.
The new ceramic tea collection from Woods and Willow has additional accessories, such as canisters in various sizes and a bread box.
Unusually, The Bakery Art Gallery and Bread Box Recording occupy the same premises, a former bakery in North Shields.
If you have wooden bread box plans to share, we'd love to hear from you.
99 [pounds sterling], the range helps avoid pastries going stale in a bread box as they can be cooked individually when desired, the company said.
He'd have an arm strong enough to fight gravity and accurate enough to put the ball in a bread box.
Put the bread away in the refrigerator when we have always put it in the bread box.
You can now look to eBay for an antique bread box along with a discounted home to house it.
There are plenty of equipment options when it comes to items and components that are smaller than a bread box.
The assumption that George would be unable to locate the crisper drawer or think to look for the rolls in the bread box makes it difficult for this reader to perceive George as anything but a touch slow.
One may have several degrees in biochemistry, and another has a PhD in computer science technology and they are led by a manager that knows exactly what new and wonderful product they are developing but will only tell you that it is bigger than a bread box and could consume more than three million yards of nonwovens a month.
From a component the size of a bread box, to an assembly the size of a entire room, our precision and attention to detail is what won us this award.