invasion of privacy

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the wrongful intrusion by individuals or the government into private affairs with which the public has no concern

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The Court of Appeal also confirmed the Mr Justice Tugendhat judgement in the High Court that breach of privacy is a tort, dismissing Google's argument that it should only be actionable if there is a financial loss.
Users should be aware of the associated risk under UAE law of claims for defamation and breach of privacy involving the use of photographs and videos of other people without consent.
The source said: "This is a clear and unjustifiable, grotesque breach of privacy.
allegations of breach of privacy which fell outside the remit of Operation
Confirming Fallon's intention to sue the News of the World, solicitor Christopher Stewart-Moore said yesterday: "We have sent out a letter before action and are now in the course of preparing proceedings regarding a breach of privacy.
The AWU believes there was no breach of privacy and there were no records of workers' activities, which would need to be destroyed.
But the authorities look serious to categorise leaking or misusing information on a person's sex life a serious breach of privacy.
The ministers agreed to draft a regulation taking into account the reluctance of some member countries, including France and Germany, to introduce the system due to its possible effect on the travellers' health and breach of privacy.
A Home Office source said: "The original request from Turkey contained a general allegation about a breach of privacy offence by the Duchess.
Mathew Firsht and Applause Store Productions Limited (Applause Store) were awarded pounds 22,000 for libel and breach of privacy in relation to a fake personal profile and group which was added to Facebook by an old school friend of Mr Firsht, with whom he had fallen out.
I MUST say that I support Lord Carey's view when he writes of Max Mosley's pounds 60,000 award for damages for breach of privacy.
The fact that Mr Mosley pursued an action for breach of privacy has fascinated readers almost as much as the allegations.
It may be that elsewhere in the country the mark has been overstepped and legitimate surveillance has become a breach of privacy.
It generated a lot of controversy, with some critics of the program asserting it would be an illegal breach of privacy rights.
That expired last Saturday, creating a legal vacuum airlines feared could expose them to breach of privacy suits.