breech birth

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delivery of an infant whose feet or buttocks appear first

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Although Elaine's pregnancy was trouble-free, a breach birth was not something she had expected.
She said: "Rhys was going to be a breach birth but, right at the last minute as Thomas was coming out, he kicked his brother, who then came out the right way afterwards.
Hospital consultant Dr Jonathan Bambridge said, 'Despite a breach birth the delivery was uneventful.
It was a breach birth and the tide was coming in so the ambulance men had to come and carry me through the sea to mainland.
The breach birth, which took place after several days of labor, was extremely difficult, according to Dr.
She'd had a breach birth and her foal had died so we drove down and picked her up straight away.
She is being raised apart from her mum, by keepers Tracey Roberts and Ranae Zammit, following her difficult breach birth in Sydney's Taronga Zoo.
It can cause problems in pregnancy because the baby can not turn around in the womb easily, resulting in a breach birth.
This one was a breach birth, meaning the baby left the womb feet first.
It was a breach birth so she wasn't able to clear her lungs properly, she needed some extra help.
It would have been a breach birth because he was lying sideways not downwards so Lizzie had him by Caesarian section.