Brazilian rosewood

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an important Brazilian timber tree yielding a heavy hard dark-colored wood streaked with black

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Brazilian rosewood is sturdy and durable and produces warm, deep tones.
Four patterns - Brazilian Rosewood, Merbau, Tigerwood and Caramel Bamboo - mimic the rare rainforest species in a flooring that's low-VOC and low-maintenance but high-performance.
The specifications have been closely followed with the following exceptions: Madagascar rosewood replaces the rarer Brazilian rosewood, vintage gloss finish and torrefied Adirondack spruce top and braces C Martin's Vintage Tone System (VTS) - used to replicate the aged appearance and tonality of the 1931 original.
This particular six-stringed guitar of Brazilian rosewood and spruce is about half the size of most acoustic guitars today.
It resembles a brown and gold rosewood and can be dyed red or orange to look like a Brazilian rosewood.
Our incredibly high UV rating and our sustainably harvested Brazilian Rosewood oil base that wins all penetration tests against competitors are two of the reasons Penofin is the favorite of pros and homeowners alike," Dr.
Most of the hardwoods used to make their Supernatural basses come from South American rainforests, such as black American walnut, Canadian maple and Brazilian rosewood, which are difficult to obtain.
th] Anniversary Limited Edition model is constructed with Madagascar rosewood sides and back wings, a Brazilian rosewood back center wedge and headplate, FSC certified European spruce top, 1/4" non- scalloped X bracing, and ivoroid bindings.
Brazilian rosewood grows in tropical South America, most notably Brazil, where it flourishes near Bahia and Pernambuco.
Elegant touches like rich caramel leather seats and Brazilian Rosewood trim provide an upscale feel while performance features like the analog tachometer and speedometer and the 10-inch touchscreen embody the Art and Science mentality of Cadillac.
The guitar was crafted from Brazilian rosewood, book matched Sitka spruce with heavy "bearclaw" figuring, Adirondack red spruce and African ebony.
While Santos Rosewood looks similar to Brazilian Rosewood, it offers some drying and working challenges that the other wood does not.
This Dreadnought guitar, featuring Brazilian rosewood, is styled after the famous Martin D, a favorite of old time and bluegrass pickers.
In addition to its other properties, cocobolo has another factor in its favor: along with goncalo alves, it can be used as a substitute for Brazilian rosewood, which is currently listed as an endangered species and is banned for export under commercial trade.
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