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a native or inhabitant of Brazil

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We are very excited to create the experience of enjoying high-quality meats prepared in the style of traditional Brazilian churrascaria, and combining it with the festive atmosphere of ArtWeek in Miami.
1, the venue hosted top Brazilian pop singer Ivete Sangalo, who arrived in Worcester amid a crush of Portuguese-speaking reporters, photographers and television crews.
Brazilian ATC has come under increasing scrutiny as air traffic has been slowed in the country in recent weeks, including last week when a communication system breakdown led to extensive flight delays and cancellations.
A star since she first arrived on the Brazilian music scene at 21, the now 39-year-old Monte ``has one of those supple, knowing voices that make Brazilian pop so inviting,'' writes Jon Pareles, music critic of The New York Times.
This depiction of the slave life and community in the Brazilian interior was fairly unique in the literature in 1992, though insights from the 1999 study by Kathleen Higgins on slave life in eighteenth-century Minas Gerais among other studies substantially add to our knowledge of Brazilian slave families.
Many Mexican companies in Brazil, he adds, now have Brazilian CEOs.
Of course, the positive effects of this major investment on Brazilian society were also emphasized.
For those well versed in TP, the Brazilian approach comes as a surprise, because it fails to adopt the arm's-length principle and instead promotes a "cookie-cutter" approach.
In 1997, she moved to New York, where her sister (the postmodern choreographer Andrea Chamecki) was living, and there she met her husband, also Brazilian.
Gonzalez-Jose and his coworkers compared measurements of 33 Pericu skulls housed at a Mexican museum with those of 22 ancient Brazilian skulls and hundreds of skulls from a worldwide sample of contemporary groups.
Joining the Brazilian navy as Sao Paulo (A 12), the "new" carrier arrived in Rio de Janeiro on 17 February.
Between 1970 and 1995, the Brazilian urban population more than doubled, from 52 million to 120 million.
In this vein, a certain local formalist criticism continues to refer to Rosalind Krauss' texts and to Robert Morris' work as paradigms of contemporary Brazilian production instead of evaluating the actual impact these works have had on local artists.
Research Report on Brazilian Cell Phone Market, 2009-2010
Developed by the Brazilian Association of Meat Exporting Industries (Abiec) with the support of Apex, Brazilian export-promotion agency, the barbecue tour has already gone to France, Malaysia, China and Russia, among other stops.
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