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Synonyms for bray

Synonyms for bray

to break up into tiny particles

Synonyms for bray

the cry of an ass

Related Words

braying characteristic of donkeys

reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

laugh loudly and harshly

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Days after her death tributes were held in Wirral and her mum's home town of Bray, Ireland.
Ireland skipper Brian O'Driscoll during a training session in Bray, Ireland yesterday Picture: JULIEN BEHAL/PA
26 per share, primarily related to the closure of the company's Bray, Ireland motor manufacturing operation.
You could dive into an underwater world of fun and adventure at any of the 16 Sea Life Centres throughout the UK and the new National Sea Life Centre in Bray, Ireland.
With World Headquarters in Bray, Ireland, Trinity Biotech plc was established in 1992.
Howell most recently served as plant manager for Schering-Plough Animal Health in Bray, Ireland.
Approximately 2000 people work for Connectivity Solutions primarily in manufacturing facilities in Omaha, Nebraska, Bray, Ireland and Brisbane, Australia.
FrontRange Solutions' localization projects are managed out of SDL's office in Bray, Ireland.
The patented Soft Wash(TM) product line was designed, developed and manufactured by Medi-Health Products Ltd of Bray, Ireland.