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Brasilia [Brazil], Dec 19 ( ANI ): The Embassy of India in Brasilia organised a cultural evening showcasing elements of cuisine, culture, architecture and tourism of the Indian states of Punjab and Bihar, in continuation of its efforts at promoting the diverse cultures of Indian states in Brazil.
Parliamentary cooperation can help deepen Brasilia-Tehran," Furlan said on Thursday, addressing a ceremony in Brasilia.
Assim, dado o expressivo impacto da morbimortalidade do transito na saude publica e a propriedade que se entende terem as Declaracoes de Moscou e Brasilia para firmar posicionamentos, propor diretrizes, sinalizar agendas, politicas e ordenamentos juridicos, propoem-se, elegendo itens mais diretamente afetos a saude, contrapor estes dois documentos, no intuito de identificar para onde se caminhou, o que se enfatizou e quais as perspectivas apontadas em cada momento.
Brasilia was officially commissioned in April 21,1960 after just four years of construction by a 60,000-strong workforce.
Brasilia serves as a hub for TAM's domestic operations.
Brazil 247 news outlet reported, citing police that currently some 7,000 demonstrators are taking part in the protests rallies in the country's capital of Brasilia alone.
College Faculty Brasilia 3 Tuesday, March 24 2:15-3:15 p.
Fabio de Souza of the Brasilia police department says investigators identified 27 alleged members of the Sao Paulo-based First Capital Command.
In "Brasilia between the myth and the nation" Marcio de Oliveira provides an important contribution to the literature on the history of the city of Brasilia.
Brasilia is the federal capital of Brazil and is considered the seventh most populous city in the country.
Rasheed Abou-AlsamhMoving to Brazil five years ago, one thing that I had to get used to were the speed cameras installed throughout the city of Brasilia.
9 -- The Governor Agnelo Queiroz is on an official trip, which begins in Germany and ends in Brussels, on Belgium, where it will be treated subjects as the possibility of Brasilia host the "Universiade 2019" and the signing of the agreement for the belgian and brazilian capital become sister cities, beyond other actions.
Brasilia, Oct 21 (ONA) A delegation from Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) is currently involved in the National Week of Science and Technology in the Brazilian capital of Brasilia, which runs until the October 27th.
BRASILIA, Brazil(TAP) - About 200 people burned tires and blocked the main road in front of the Brasilia stadium that will host the Confederations Cup opener on Saturday.
Apos higienizacao dos uberes as amostras foram coletadas em frascos esterilizados e encaminhadas sob refrigeracao ao Laboratorio de Analises de Leite e Derivados da Faculdade de Agronomia e Medicina Veterinaria da Universidade de Brasilia.