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French painter who led the cubist movement (1882-1963)

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PICASSO AND FRIENDS The Heroic Century examines the relationship between Picasso and the two French artists Braque and Matisse in some detail.
En 1907 Braque conocio al joven Pablo Picasso --quien, segun decia, buscaba revolucionar la historia de la pintura-- y ambos se dieron a la tarea de crear la gran innovacion pictorica del siglo XX: el cubismo.
In no work from those years did Braque -- or Picasso -- achieve a reduction comparable to that achieved by Vauxcelles in this fateful paragraph in the November 14, 1908, issue of Gil Blas.
With Cubism, Picasso and Braque at last achieved "the liberation for which the artistic spirit of the world had been waiting.
It wasn't until we needed to find a replacement for one of our GSPs in 2000 that we thought we'd try to find a Braque.
In several instances, "The Cubist Experiment" called attention to how improvisational Picasso and Braque were at this critical juncture, more confident with the visual language they'd pioneered.
El caso mas claro es el cubismo, que, en su primera formulacion, se plantea como una vanguardia hasta que Picasso y Braque corrigen el rumbo para romper con la rigidez del modelo vanguardista.
He then spent just 15 minutes inside, before cutting works by Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Modigliani and Leger out of their frames and slipping away.
He also took Olive Tree near Estaque by Georges Braque, Woman with a Fan by Amedeo Modigliani and Still Life with Chandeliers by Fernand Leger.
No wonder people became interested and excited when Picasso and Braque created surfaces cut out of pasted paper.
The collection of 88 exhibition pieces includes works from artists Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Andre Masson, Jacques Lipchitz, Marcel Gromaire, Andre Lhote, Juan Gris and Jean Lurcat.
Taylor documents the beginning of collage by Braque and Picasso, and its transformation after the massive urban destruction of World War II.
Braaq - a misspelling of the French painter George Braque - was Shields' schoolboy nickname because of his artistic talent.
The first-ever exhibition to examine the work of Picasso and Braque in this context is at PaceWildenstein (32 East 57th Street, +1 212 421 3292) until 23 June.
He saw a plaque on a house identifying it as the home of famous painter Georges Braque.