Branta canadensis

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common greyish-brown wild goose of North America with a loud, trumpeting call

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Potential factors influencing increasing numbers of Canada Geese Branta canadensis in West Greenland.
The status of Canada Goose Branta canadensis subspecies in Greenland.
Resightings and recoveries of Canada Geese Branta canadensis ringed in West Greenland.
Mots cles : bernache du Canada, Branta canadensis interior, population de l'Atlantique, biologie de la reproduction, succes de la nidification, productivite, Nunavik, peninsule d'Ungava, Quebec
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atlantica Greater Snow Goose Anser rossii Ross's Goose Anser canagicus Emperor Goose Branta canadensis interior Interior Canada Goose Branta c.
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Connections linking him with the Arctic Institute of North America (AINA) and large races of Canada geese reach back to 1946, when he took part in a study of Branta canadensis interior on the Hudson Bay Lowlands.