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someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality

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According to a synopsis posted on Hitfix: "Walter O'Brien ("Game of Thrones's" Elyes Gabel) leads a think tank of young braniacs trying to make the world a better place.
After being evicted, Jon joined Top Gear's Richard Hammond to present Braniac Science Abuse, a role he still enjoys today.
The Braniac presenter claims that nobody keeps in touch with Justine, who had a fling with Big Brother villain Nasty Nick when the show ended.
From the surfacing name sounded off by most fans and critics, Braniac is the viable choice.
STARS OF THE SHOW: Troy (Adam Stokes) is lifted high by the Wildcats above, to the annoyance of Theatrical Ryan (Tristan Robinson) and Braniac Taylor McKessie, below right
As you would expect from the braniacs over at HubSpot, they are constantly making the new COS even more awesome.
Audiences can join their favourite braniacs, jocks, thespians, and skater dudes as they sing and dance their way through high school.
The two of you whooped it up pretty good in high school though you were both braniacs.
LAKE LOS ANGELES -- Challenger Middle School teacher Bruce Galler now sports a bald pate, the result of his challenge to the school's braniacs.
Set in 1985, James McAvoy is a fresher at Bristol University called Brian who's given the chance to audition for the programme with three other braniacs, including the shapely Alice, whom he secretly fancies, and ultra-competitive captain Patrick (played by a top-notch Benedict Cumberbatch).
His research shows that the millionaires don't all live in the Hamptons, and that they tend to be married with children, not braniacs, work but aren't workaholics, shop at Costco, and "don't do the same things that jet-setters and beautiful people do" (from The Millionaire Mind).
Scott Weinberg's annual Fantastic Feud is a wanton blender-full of depravity, chaos, and debauchery spun together by the biggest horror braniacs on the planet.