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While Sara Bennett said: "Happy birthday lance I know u be up there with a big bottle of brandy in ur hand ill have a large one for u later mate x.
AZIZ, H; HUSSAIN, F; SOHN,C; MEDIAVILLO, R; SAITTA, A; HUSSAIN, A; BRANDYS, M; HOMEL, P & ROTMAN, M 1999: Early onset of breast carcinoma in African women with poor prognostic factors.
I know you'll be on the brandys, making everyone laugh, like you always have done.
After a temporary move to Brandys nad Labem (2003) the competition has since 2004 been based in Plzen, where Bedrich Smetana studied at the local Grammar School and where be created his earliest compositions.
is located in Brandys nad Orlici, Czech Republic and is a seat manufacturer primarily for the commercial bus and truck markets.
Among the best known was the publication of a story, "Nim b-dzie zapomniany" (Before He Will Be Forgotten), by Kazimierz Brandys, in the 1950s the leading writer of socialist realism in Poland and thus virtually an official spokesman of the establishment.
Pascal Brandys, chairman and CEO of Genset, commented: "The pace and pharmaceutical relevance of the genomics discoveries we have made in our prostate cancer program evidence the power of our linkage disequilibrium based mapping initiatives.
As part of the transaction and for a cash consideration of $65,000, Zeolite Mining directors, Allan Brandys and Doug Hopper cancelled and returned to treasury their total share holdings of 5 million shares.
Supply and electrical wiring) to the selected client workstations VZP CR (Strakonice, Pisek, Sokolov, Brno countryside, Brandys nad Labem, LitvE[degrees]nov and Liberec) processed according to project documentation.
Gaifmann dragged me off to the Sandor Vegh (today the Bohuslav Martinu) Academy at the chateaux in Dobris and in Brandys nad Labem.
Erika chose something a bit more ambitious -baked Alaska, with a chunky toffee apple sauce served in a brandys nap basket.
Then try Pudding Hill, Berks, with Custards in Hants and wash it all down with Baileys, Essex, or Brandys, Cornwall.
This makes China a natural and most attractive market for Genteon's product line in the near future," said Pascal Brandys, co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Genteon.
Contract award: Newly built kindergarten in Brandys nad Labem - interior.