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a railway line connected to a trunk line

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The contractors have installed the ultimate short branchline, somewhat isolated from the rest of the rail system Picture: DAILY POST ARCHIVE
By train to Tenancingo, end of the branchline from the railhead at Toluca, and three days by mule up into the mountains through some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable.
TU3D-2: A Novel Compact Multi-layer MMIC CPW Branchline Coupler Using Thin-film Microstrip Stub Loading at 44 GHz
United States and the Permanency of Limitation on Interstate Commerce Commission's Approval of Railroad Branchline Abandonments contained in the 1982 Appropriation Act, OLC held that Congress' use of the term "hereafter" in Section 119 clearly indicated that Congress "earmarked it as permanent legislation.
The results of this evaluation were submitted in the form of a proposal to design and provide a dust control system consisting of a total of 41 dust control hoods, one at each point of dust emission identified during the survey; branchline duct within each processing area to provide exhaust ak at each dust control hood; and, main line duct for conveying the captured dust to an existing dust collector for the area.
It's a lost world of green Great Western Locos and maroon LMS engines, of local trains and shunters, branchline tank engines and mainline heroes.
Short lines are operating many thousands of miles of rural rail branchline that might otherwise have been abandoned.
The higher price will attract more distant grain, and will therefore concentrate traffic on the large elevator's branchline, reducing traffic on other lines enough to qualify them for abandonment.
Thus when the authors discuss the decline of intercity passenger service, they relate specific events to the increased use of private automobiles, the expansion of bus service (the GN, in fact, promoted the early Greyhound system, largely to relieve the railroad of unprofitable branchline passenger trains), and the development of commercial air travel.
Other amendments suggested by CN relate to earlier compromises on dispute resolution and branchline abandonment that are not contained in the present package.
The nine-mile reconstruction of the Redlands branchline will include the entire replacement of track and bridges, communications and signals, closures and improvements to 27 grade crossings including quiet zones, four new stations with two being 3P s, reconfiguration of a maintenance facility, and acquisition of DMU vehicles.
Chakrabarty, "Design of miniaturised branchline and rat-race hybrid couplers with harmonics suppression," IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation, Vol.
Amor-Martn, "Using the branchline directional coupler in the design of microwave bandpass filters," IEEE Trans.