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a railway line connected to a trunk line

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The move into road switcher and branchline is a natural evolution of our product range and opens up this large railroad market.
Instead of agreed-upon compromises on dispute resolution and branchline abandonment, we get an entirely new and much harsher set of rules.
Hooked animals may also escape by severing the branchline or breaking the hook.
RailPower Technologies' core business is the design and manufacture of its Green Goat(R) Series hybrid locomotives and its new RP20 road and branchline switchers.
The company that is awarded the Wales and Borders franchise should treat the North Wales railway line as a key European link not as a branchline to nowhere.
Krebs said, "I very much look forward to sharing my experience and helping RailPower grow its high volume locomotive production and develop the market for its branchline hybrid locomotive.
The reductions resulted from a decrease in the number of surplus crews due to increases in traffic volumes, modifications to branchline rationalization plans resulting from changes in the regulatory environment, and reduced rationalization costs stemming from rule modifications in the latest collective agreements.
A native of New York state, he began his industrial development career as the branchline project manager for the Erie County Industrial Development Agency in Buffalo.
NYSE: MPO) and the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors (NYSE: GM) have formed a strategic alliance to design, manufacture and market low-horsepower, switching and branchline locomotives in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
The East Leg 2000 project will result in construction of branchline and town border station facilities in addition to a major mainline loop.
Chicago, including a branchline into Wisconsin, and 630 miles (1,013 km)
Analysis of catch depth by species for tuna longline fishery based on catch by branchlines.
His credits include 2004's "Railroads of the Columbia River Gorge" "Freight Weather: The Art of Stalking Trains" and "Backwoods Railroads: Branchlines & Shortlines of Western Oregon.
He finished the branchlines with his usual assiduity; he even had a digital panel installed in the stables, since the railway's intricacy had made the manual system unusable.
The sale or lease of branchlines to short line operators is part of that cost reduction strategy.