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Key words: branchial cyst, carcinoma, neoplasia, avian, umbrella cockatoo, Cacatua alba
In this location, branchial cyst could have been a potential differential diagnosis.
Pearls and pitfalls in the management of branchial cyst.
Based on the anatomic location of the mass, clinical presentation, histopathologic characteristics, and CK-positive immunolabeling, the diagnosis was branchial cleft cyst, similar to second branchial cyst type II-III reported in humans.
10) As a result, they are frequently misdiagnosed as lymphadenitis, branchial cysts, thyroglossal duct cysts, cystic hygromas, thyroid adenomas, and parathyroid, dermoid, or epidermoid cysts.
Branchial cleft anomalies--which include branchial cysts, sinuses, and fistulas--are uncommon developmental defects of the neck.
Branchial cysts arise from isolated remnants of branchial clefts or branchial pouches.
We describe the interesting case of a young man who presented with a lateral neck node that was diagnosed as a branchial cyst.
Following the clinical examination, our differential diagnoses were colloid goiter, branchial cyst, and thyroglossal duct cyst.
Midline cervical cleft of the neck with associated branchial cyst.
To the best of our knowledge, only 23 cases of a branchial cyst in the parapharyngeal space have been heretofore described in the literature (table).
In this article, we present a new case of a branchial cyst of the nasopharynx that was located at the lower level in relation to the tonsil and that was successfully treated surgically via the transoral route.
A branchial fistula communicates both internally (pharyngeal mucosa) and externally (neck surface), and relates to persistence of both a branchial cleft and pouch, while branchial cysts do not communicate with external or internal surfaces.