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type genus of the Bramidae

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According to Skanska, the Brama Miasta complex's architecture will be carefully designed to meet the needs of disabled people and the office complex will hold a 'building without barriers' certificate.
Gosteeva MN (1957) Ecological and morphological characteristics of development of Aral Bream, Abramis brama orientalis (Berg).
Analisis isoenzimatico en Brama australis Valenciennes, 1837 (Pisces, Perciformes, Bramidae) en la zona centro-sur de Chile.
A myth of origin from the domain of Wai Brama tells how land emerged from the world's waters through an act of creation, that is, how an undifferentiated world became differentiated into the sea and the land and how, subsequently, the heavens were separated from the face of the earth (see Lewis 1982 and 1988:45-50).
Brama tiene, como es habitual en el autor, una estructura polifonica.
FC TWENTE: Mihailov, Rosales, Wisgerhof, Douglas, Tiendalli, Brama, Fer (John 46), Landzaat, Bajrami, de Jong, Chadli (Janko 79).
The Amsterdam giants led 2-0 through Demy de Zeeuw and Lorenzo Ebecilio but Wout Brama pulled one back in first-half injury time and Theo Janssen levelled in 56 minutes.
En 2004 consumia un promedio de 4,37 litros de agua para producir un litro de cerveza (las clasicas Brama y Antartica), pero logro reducir este consumo a 3,9 litros en cinco anos: un ahorro de 2.
Pour ces matches, De Jong a ete remplace par Wout Brama (FC Twente).
Norwegian referee Terje Hauge sent off Van der Vaart for a clumsy challenge on Rosales before Pavlyuchenko chipped home his second penalty after a Wout Brama handball.
Peter Crouch appeared to go over too easily for the first, Gareth Bale was illegally scythed down for the second while the third saw Wout Brama harshly censured for handball even though he was trying to evade Pavlyuchenko's shot.
Twente: Boschker, Stam, Douglas, Wisgerhof, Carney, Brama (Mn.
FC Twente: Boschker (Mihaylov 46), Stam (Bannink 46, Rukavytsya 54), Wisgerhof, Douglas, Kuiper (Heubach 46); Stoch, Janssen, Brama (Akram 46), Vujicevic; N'Kufo, Perez (Tiote 46).
After leaving the RAF he joined defence contract company Brama at the Anglesey airbase.
Ron Bieganski and Anita Evans of Chicago's Free Street Programs will travel to Teatr Brama in Poland.