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forcible indoctrination into a new set of attitudes and beliefs

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Brain-washing drove her towards suicide; only consciousness of her priesthood saved her.
He reminds us that society will pay millions to purveyors of this kind of brain-washing, while nurses and teachers get peanuts.
Would it be unkind of me to equally stereotype churches, and especially Roman Catholic churches, and church primary schools as brain-washing money-grabbing control freaks?
Hamid, 50, organised weekly brain-washing talks at his home in east London and outdoor training camps.
Matt Damon, as effectively taciturn (near-mute, even) as he was in The Bourne Supremacy three years ago, returns as the CIA-trained assassin in search of his brain-washing handlers and a little rest.
He accused Mr Reid of being "an enemy of Islam" and a "tyrant" after the Home Secretary called for Muslim parents to look out for the signs of brain-washing in their children in the fight against terrorism.
I admit it, I have years of brain-washing inside me.
Foy writes, Lorene's own efforts can only be described as heroic: "She was harassed, insulted, humiliated, and subjected to attempted brain-washing.
The sooner people realise it's all a brain-washing fairy story the better.
I did a thesis on his brain-washing techniques and he's morbidly fascinating.
NBC unleashed its brain-washing promotional blitz weeks ago, and face it, you're scared to miss it.
Or at least the Oscars' judging panel for not feting Clint Eastwood's slice of brain-washing war porn.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A prominent Russian expert warned of the different brain-washing methods used by Salafi groups to persuade the young people in the Central Asian states to fight in Syria.
These evils could be eliminated when children are saved from rogue brain-washing and illusive fantasies by providing them proper education-both religious and scientific.
While responding to a query IG, NWFP said that Al-Qaeda possessed special skills of Brain-washing and through this tactic they prepared young ones within a period of three-months for suicidal blasts and to win the war against terrorism, the police and security forces of NWFP should be facilitated with sophisticated weapons and to end the inferiority complex of these security personnel they should be privileged as per to the security staff of other provinces, he added.