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a group problem-solving technique in which members spontaneously share ideas and solutions

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ISLAMABAD, September 29, 2011 (Frontier Star): Politicians from all shades, will gather here on Thursday for a brain-storming session to review the serious challenges to national security and will evolve a strategy to counter threats at all fronts.
Other than that, the margin of freedom is expected to be wider today in a society that is opening up to new modes of thinking, to political forces that have been working in the dark for years and to an unprecedentedly diverse brain-storming national dialogue.
The discussion initially began with indepth brain-storming sessions with Gary Ingle, Gall Berenson and Phyllis Pieffer, and they continued to work closely with us throughout the process.
THE health community will be holding a brain-storming session to come up with ideas for the pounds 100m redevelopment of Ysbyty Glan Clwyd .
The quartet often have what Di Matteo describes as brain-storming sessions.
At what boardroom brain-storming session did some bright spark suddenly cry out: "Eureka
This complex project, Al-Saadi said, was the sum of many different olutions that were brought forth ollowing a number of brain-storming sessions between experts from CGS nd Krauss Maffei during the last two ears.
This is great news, but let us put a few questions to Harrison Fraser to get their brain-storming underway: 1.
Cains, which remains true to its cause by holding board meetings at weekends in different pubs, was the subject of an online brain-storming this week by London School of Economics and Chicago University business students.
IDEAS: Walker Technology College pupils' results for brain-storming
Today, on World Environment Day, Accord management members will gather for a brain-storming session to make it the greenest housing association in the country.
He said the name idea came from a brain-storming session.
Over the last couple of decades, parishes and dioceses all across the country have embarked on various navel-gazing, brain-storming, and workshopping exercises to deal with the ubiquitous "priest shortage.
First, brain-storming often depends on the personalities involved, their expertise, and such not-so-extraneous factors as office politics.
Tory sources said the catchphrase had come "organically" out of a series of brain-storming sessions.