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a measure of someone's weight in relation to height

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Neuroscientists introduced a new paradigm for brain-machine interfaces that investigates the physiological properties and adaptability of brain circuits, and how the brains of two or more animals can work together to complete simple tasks.
Scientists working on these so-called brain-machine interfaces have demonstrated that brain activity can be harnessed to control computer cursors or robotic arms, and Moritz and other researchers have recently used brain impulses to control artificial stimulation of paralyzed muscles in the arms or legs.
His lab studies how to connect brain cells with external electrodes for brain-machine interfaces and neural prosthetics in human patients and non-human primates, giving them the ability to control limbs, both real and virtual, using only their minds.
The brain-machine interface developed by the researchers goes even further.
Demonstrating a promising technology, significant market traction, and rapid gain in momentum across the program, SmartStent's team of fledgling entrepreneurs emerged as the overall winner, and are out to change the world by introducing a minimally invasive brain-machine interface.
The conference showcased a number of next-generation neurotechnologies, including technologies related to diagnosis and treatment of brain disease, brain-machine interface, and brain-inspired computing.
According to the report, Itskov has mapped out several key steps to be a cyborg, with the first step, called Avatar A, which is due in 2020, involving a person controlling a robotic human replica via a brain-machine interface (BMI), a technology that already exists today.
The brain-machine interface that allowed Hutchinson to direct a robotic arm (right) with her thoughts, called BrainGate, was created by building upon decades of studies.
Last week, the company signed a non-discloser agreement with the University of Houston so that serious discussions can begin on a possible collaboration with researchers there who are working on an external brain-machine interface that could allow users to manipulate an advanced Rex Bionics robotic exoskeleton using their thoughts alone.
But if you want to study the brain or develop the tools to explore the brain-machine interface, you need to stick something into the body.
Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems, a leader in brain-machine interface technology, is developing products to treat nervous system diseases and disorders by bringing together advances in neuroscience, computer science and engineering.
Most brain-machine interface studies have been done in healthy, able-bodied animals.
It will have a perfect brain-machine interface to allow control and a human brain life support system so the brain can survive outside the body.
Washington, Dec 15 (ANI): A new University of Chicago study has found that the performance of a brain-machine interface designed to help paralysed people move objects with their thoughts just got better with the addition of a robotic arm providing sensory feedback.