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Most people don't know that our brain hemispheres don't develop together.
Generally, hyperdense signal changes are observed in bilateral, symmetrical T2A and "FLAIR" series in the posterior parts of the brain hemispheres especially in the parietooccipital white matter.
Notably, patients with severe, unilateral carotid stenosis showed cognitive impairments for functions linked with the brain hemisphere that received its blood supply from an occluded carotid, while the same people with an unimpeded contralateral carotid showed no impairment on cognitive tests that tested their contralateral brain function, said Dr.
He argues that deception, which occurs even between our brain hemispheres, is closely tied to group conflict, courtship, neurophysiology and immunology, but can be overridden by awareness of it and its consequences.
His special interest is cognitive neuroscience, and his empirical research has focused on the interaction of left and right brain hemispheres.
It was hypothesized that the immune function of glia cell to the inflammatory insults is asymmetrically distributed in the two brain hemispheres.
Perhaps best-known for his work with 'split-brain' patients that showed that the right and left brain hemispheres have differing functions, Gazzaniga (SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind, U.
Separating our species from virtually all others, we have two highly specialized brain hemispheres.
While Grafman concedes that brain hemispheres and sectors tend to specialize by certain junctures prior to adulthood, his research clearly demonstrates that they are anything but hardwired to do so.
Our brains have a left and right hemisphere, so the correct selection of music during learning can stimulate these brain hemispheres and bring about whole brain learning.
My research led to some behavioral studies and then to the causes for handedness, which, in turn, led to the dominance and the specific function of the brain hemispheres.
A boy's corpus callosum, the tissue connecting the brain hemispheres, is up to 25 percent smaller than a girl's.
On April 30, a computed tomographic (CT) scan of the brain showed multiple lesions in both brain hemispheres, after which the patient was referred to the hospital.
Slater developed epilepsy when she was ten, and suffered such severe and frequent seizures that she underwent surgery, at 13, to relieve the intensity of the electrical discharges as they traveled between brain hemispheres.